(A story about a dream I had last night.)

It has been a long time since I’ve posted anything on this blog. So long that most of my links to image files don’t even work anymore. :S Anyway I just wanted to share a dream I had last night. It looks like this blog is going to become a blog about my dreams rather than useful and insightful content. Sorry about that. Whatever, here you go.

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It was a dream I saw last night, a wonderful present I received from a divine entity. The timing of this gift was so perfect it couldn’t be any better than this. Just right before Christmas!

This is a dream where I met some of the Family48 members. This time however… the members are different. So let us begin, shall we?

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It has been a long time since I wrote about something. This however will be different as today’s theme is about my not-so-secret last oshimen of SKE48 from the times, when I finally decided who will be the top 3 for me in that group.

!WARNING! This post is massively loaded with images! Proceed with caution!

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Saya heart

Alright! Here I am with something unexpected, am I right? I know what you are thinking right now. This came out of nowhere. If I want to be honest you with I never thought about writing an another yuri themed fan fiction. This is totally not my style and I don’t even like them that much. But there’s a saying you know. “If life gives you lemons…” You know the rest.


This fiction was born because of that big fuss at the last concert AKB48 concert (Group Rinji Soukai) I had something inside my heart. (A day after the last concert to be exact.) I was so pissed at the decisions about the cancellation of Yui’s concurred position in NMB48. Just when I finally managed to make myself care about NMB48 and also when I finally settled my feelings towards Yamamoto Sayaka, BAM! They had to ruin everything and sunk the only ship I had in the 48 groups… But if they thought that this decision will break them apart they were wrong. After the concert there has been many instances when these two (Yokoyama Yui, Yamamoto Sayaka) proved the strength of their bond. You can’t sink this ship so easily! It got into underwater? HA! It evolved into a submarine mothaf*cka! Eat that management‼ 😀

Anyway here’s my newest creation. I hope it is not that bad for a one shot. Enjoy this short little story! If you can…

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Previously on Kragorin’s Warehouse:

saya (4)

“I thought this girl is more like a cute face than what she originally is… I still don’t know enough about her and I’m not planning on writing an analysis about her any time soon. (It’s more like never… (-_-))”

I made a mistake of misjudging her by her looks. I thought that I got over this but it looks like I’m still making the same mistakes again and again…”

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25 - 1tkmn
And so here I am… back at my blog after months of pause… writing a post without any meaning whatsoever. This is not the comeback I was hoping for to happen, but whatever… It is not like I knew this is going to happen… Okay, enough of these filler lines! !WARNING! This is going to be a long rant so be prepared for that! Read the rest of this entry »

Sayaka definitely deserved this one for so long! This song was made for her, so there’s no one who can sing it better. Yes, not even soukantoku Takahashi Minami can sing it with that much emotion as Sayaka. Many have tried to copy that and all of them failed… Sayara really made a legend with this. And she thanked for her fans who finally realized the value of this song. As some of you might know I love cool songs so much and this one describes Sayaka’s personality perfectly. She was as cool as Ozaki Yutaka. This song is Sayaka’s 15 no Yoru! I hope we will have a chance to enjoy it many, many times from now on.
Ijou, Kragorin deshita!

百合 Goggles

sayaka-06 sayaka-09

Mushi no Ballad No.5 In Request Hour Best 100 2013


Across Dimensions she is No.3 in the Senbatsu Elections…

This blog space is dedicated to Akimoto Sayaka of AKB48 because one just has to.

Every AKB fan who blogs really needs to save space for her in both their blog and hearts because this was just ground-breaking and beautiful!

Akimoto Sayaka, you are still loved. It’s too bad Japanese idol otaku aren’t into cool because you would so totally be No.1.

Mushi no Ballad is indeed just a song for Sayaka. No one can do it like her. Even though this goes for most of the soloists and their solos, Mushi totally drives the point home!

While in real life people are just realising her beauty, in the anime world her character is what most are into and I have to confess I dig active characters like hers in…

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