Episode 8

Since the 7th episode didn’t contained anything interesting in particular so I skipped it. At least it was not very interesting to me and since this is my PoV so I just left it there. The 8th episode had some good highlights in it for me so let’s not waste more space here and let’s jump into the action right away.

The first scene was all about telekinetic abilities. I just love those things but hot girls having these skills make it even better. We are in this special school where every class is different but all of them are connected by the fact that this is some kind of Esper School.

The teacher is the always smoking hot Umeda Ayaka in a nice suit. This clothing works well for her.


But there’s a bully in this class. It is Minegishi Minami. Let me tell you that she is quite scary when she gives you that look. I think she should do a real bully character in a drama. That would fit her perfectly.


Poor teacher starts to feel strange. She has hard time breathing and her body starts to move freely out of her control. She struggles to live trough of this but then she ends up on the ground unconscious. It seems like some kind of paralyzer technique to me.

But we have Maeda Ami in the class who is eager to take revenge.


But our little Bulliichan is ready for the battle. She starts to attack (?) Maeda with her psychic powers. This looks rather humiliating. Those hands started to move on their own. Telekinesis is a scary thing after all.


But Ami’s revenge was a fast and fierce!

Soon after they pushed this thing to a whole new level. Baka~bon! 🙂

Now here it shows not to mess with any girl who has a family name Maeda! 😀 Bulliichan is asking what Ami wants to do with her. This might turn out very dirty.

Yay, a War Paint! 🙂

Then here comes the Armageddon! The greatest battle of our time!


As they got too tired to use their psychokinetic powers they clashed in a melee combat… or should I call it a cat fight? 🙂

But the other students got enough of this and decided to leave. They don’t want to get a part of this. Well it was fun till it lasted. I had fun while I was watching these two girls going all out. I’m starting to like Maeda Ami a little. She didn’t get too much attention from me in the past. As I started to know more about her I realized that she is quite cute and nice girl. I should pay more attention to her from now on.

Now let’s get move on shall we?

The second scene in this episode was interesting at least. Here we have two typical bully preys, Kuramochi Asuka and Nakatsuka Tomomi. Asuka is preaching Tomomi about that if she does nothing about the situation then nothing will change. I was guessing about if this is going to have some drama aspects, or something similar like in the PV Keibestu Shiteita Aijou…

Then Nakatsuka finally says it: “She wants to be bullied more intensively!” See? The girl wants some change. She finally decided to put an end of this… wait… WHAT? She wants it to be more intensive? The F is wrong with this girl? 😀

Asuka seems to like this idea.

Because they both are: MASOCHISTS!  O~kay… I think I got it. 🙂

It seems that Asuka is the brain here with all sorts of crazy ideas how to piss up the bullies. After all she is: Do-M! (Whatever that means.)

Then finally the bully or rather Yankee appears. I already knew from the voice who that is. But even if I didn’t I had someone whom everyone seems to like when in Yankee mode.

Yep it’s the dear Moeno. Or should I call her Satou-san? Or Asuka misspelled her name on purpose? That might be…


A random fact: If you touch a Yankee’s face you get head-butted. 🙂


An another good trick to use is to send a message to the Yankee’s phone with the text: Die, ugly! 🙂

Oops she got caught… Oh, well… 🙂


Yep, I think she got what she wanted. I never saw Asuka so happy before! Sure she is different from the girls I know who got bullied in our school in the past. Even Tomomi gets a free beating today. How lucky these girls are!


Then someone comes who ruins the mood and drives the Yankee away. Uchida Mayumi is the teacher who is worried about the students. She “saves” those poor girls from their doom but she got scolded for that as these girls are not ordinary ones. The teacher doesn’t really understand why these girls did not welcome her help.


Now this was funny as hell. Also I love Moeno so this scene was perfect for me. In the end she speaks about that she got a lot of requests from the fans to speak in Yankee mode. They used to ask her to get angry: Okotte kudasai! Now that’s cute. It shows how much they like her. 🙂

Time to move on…

Then here he comes. The nightmare in the night, the killer of lady hearts, the one and only… Who is this? … Got it, he’s apparently a famous assassin Golgo from the manga Golgo 13. However this one is a bit different I think. But before the storm comes down on me I won’t blog about this scene since my friend Black Gekikara covered this scene so nicely. Click on the picture to proceed. 🙂

Speaking about lady killers here’s the biggest of all of them. He’s called the Hairy Chested Ladies’ Man Masuda! I loved this scene so much.

But since all I can talk about is how beautiful Asuka is in these clothes and how funny Masuda was I won’t write a novel about it. B.G. already covered this scene as well so if you are interested in her opinion then click on Masuda’s hairy chest to proceed. 🙂

Okay this is the end of the line. Thank you for reading.

Now here is the Member Rankings from the mentioned scenes according to my sympathy list (January 20, 2012):

4th Nito Moeno

5th Akimoto Sayaka

9th Matsui Jurina

10th Kuramochi Asuka

11th Kitahara Rie

14th Oya Shizuka

16th Maeda Ami

18th Umeda Ayaka

20th Masuda Yuka

23rd Yagami Kumi

24th Minegishi Minami

Not on the list: Uchida Mayumi, Yamauchi Suzuran, Nakatsuka Tomomi, Abe Maria

See you next time!


  1. rei says:

    anooo….where to get this bimyou episode?..thank you…

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