Takahashi Minami

Here we go! The very first member I’m going to talk about is my oshimen Takahashi Minami. She was my favorite since 2009 so I acquired quite a lot of information about her. Some might expect a novel long analysis about her but the truth is that I don’t really remember the thing that made me become her fan in the first place. I can only guess it was something I really like in her. My first two words about her when I heard her deep toned voice were “Confidence” and “Leadership”. These were the first impressions about her. Now the first person who got my attention was not her though. TakaMina was one of the “not that pretty” girls from da club. I was so in love with Matsui Jurina and Maeda Atsuko back then so I was not really watching her at first. She was not my type by any means. My types of girl by visual appearance are: Maeda Atsuko, Watanabe Mayu, Kashiwagi Yuki, Matsui Jurina (from the time period of Oogoe Diamond).


I know that my view was blinded because of the sheer beauty of their face and figure. It was not a secret that I was deceived by the beauty of some girls. It turned out that the “not that pretty” ones are much closer to my liking character-vise. And here comes my first ever-forever oshimen from the group. She is on the top since I started to know about her more and she’s still holding herself on the same place. No rival in sight.

It all happened gradually so it wasn’t a point when I said: “Okay! From now on I’ll be cheering only for her!” There was no such point. I didn’t give her my trust for free. She earned every little drop of it. When I first heard her voice it was way before I even knew who she was. It was during watching the Skirt Hirari PV. At that time when I heard her I thought: “My Idol from the 80’s.” She sounded like and Idol from the 1980’s years. At least to me. I love deep toned and strong voice of girls. It is one of the main MOE factors to me. And TakaMina has that voice, oh yeah…

But she has other things too not just her voice. As I knew more and more about her I realized that she is the closest thing to my ideal woman as she has so many things inside her character I really like. She has a strong sense of Leadership, she is caring towards others, her empathy is out of this world, she is funny when she is not trying to be and the same applies to her sexiness.

My “love” towards her got stronger when I officially started my big-big project. A novel if you like, is like 400+ A4 pages long and I’m working on it since July 17, 2010. When I started that project I had lots of emotions swirling inside me. It was like I had no choice but to write them out. As I started to write various scenes I had to come to a conclusion that this story needs a main female role. It is one thing that I have tons of girls inside it but what it really lacked was a main female role. That was when I decided to use Takahashi Minami’s real character as a model for my character in the story. I wanted my character to be as close to TakaMina as it can so I started investigating her more thoroughly. I wanted to know more and more about her so I watched more non directed videos and read articles about her.

Well this is how it all started. I felt her closer and closer to my ideal and she inspires me in multiple fields. Thanks to her I’m becoming a better person as I have now a role model to look up on. It doesn’t matter that she is a girl and I am a man. Someone told me once that a person from the opposite gender can better understand the other than the person with the same gender. I think there’s some truth inside this as I can talk more freely with girls/women than with men. Maybe it is because of the role that males have in our society. They not exactly used to be honest with themselves nor talking about their true feelings. That was declared as a weakness in men. I do not agree with this. Weakness is when you cannot be honest with yourself and you are lying about your feelings.

Maybe TakaMina looks like a weak person for someone as she does not possess that much pride and cries a lot. I think that this “crying” of hers is not a weakness. She’s just sensitive. She’s a very emotional person who can easily empathize with others. Empathizing means that you can accept other’s feelings and make them as if they were yours. This is not a weakness. This is strength, a skill if you like.


Overall TakaMina is so different from the girls I know/knew. She is different in every way I cannot and will not compare her to others. She is now the closest thing to my ideal woman and if I will ever get the chance I would marry her without a question. I just love her “killer” expression. This serious look gives me chills in my bones. I just love that stare she can provide. That is one more big MOE factor to me.

You can say that I am totally in love with her and such type of obsession cannot be healthy. Now let me say something about this. Since I got interested in Asian women I got disappointed fewer times than when I was into American/white women. Not to mention the Japanese mentality. I think I don’t have to tell you about this as the whole world learned it when those disasters happened a year ago.

So here I am now. TakaMina is my all-time oshimen and I’ll keep supporting her no matter what. Now there were those rumors about her mother but I kept silent since that doesn’t have anything to do with her and I do not believe in rumors. I won’t waste any of my precious energy on this matter.

“I can see you! You can not run away from me! I’ll find you no matter where are you hiding! ” 😀

This will be the end of this post. These posts will be my next Package Collection and I plan on covering more characters in the future. If you have any suggestions, write a comment. I appreciate any feedback I get. That’s all for now.

(Edit 2016: Since this post was made 4 years ago, of course there have been some changes. Please read this article for more information.)

See you next time!


  1. Med says:

    I love this post of yours. Even though I’m a fangirl but what you’ve said about Takamina (from a man’s POV) is exactly what I think about her. She’s been my oshimen since I knew about AKB through Mendol and still is, and will be.

    • Kragorin says:

      Hello Med and thank you for your kind comment. I am glad that you liked this post. May TakaMina be with you my friend! 🙂

      • Med says:

        Thank you for replying to my comment. Lol and it’s too much to wish to have Takamina. I’m contented enough seeing her find her true happiness. Why don’t you try it my friend?

  2. Kragorin says:

    Try what? The only inspiration and motivation I have in my life is her right now. There might be other things but none of them made me change so much as Minami. Is that too much to wish her? Why, why, why naze?

    • Med says:

      Nope that’s not too much to wish her and I completely understand where you come from. But well, life is not always as we wish. Even if eventually you can’t be the one who makes her happy you’d still be happy that there’s someone out there who can bring her happiness right?

      • Kragorin says:

        I understand what you are trying to say, but… but… I still want to be part of her life. If not the “kareshi” or husband is okay, but I still want a little share from it. I don’t want to cause her any trouble though… After all I can love her from afar, right? Even if that’s painful… It’s still better than hurting her. (Why am I so passionate right now?)

        But you said something about knowing where I came from? What do you know about me? Do we know each other? Because there’s no “character analysis” about me on the net as I know it…

  3. Med says:

    Sorry for the late reply, life caught up with me lately!
    Regarding your last question, when I said “I know where you’re coming from”, I didn’t mean it as I know which country you came from or knowing your character personally as this this is the first time I’ve been here so I can’t possibly have known you before. What I meant was I understand what you were trying to say regarding wanting to be a part of Takamina’s life. I hope I’ve made it clear.
    About Takamina, again , I understand your feeling. May be it’s because I’m a girl so I don’t have that wanting-to-be-part-of-her-life desire like you do but I completely understand it. And don’t be shy to be passionate, it’s a good thing. Well, I trust that you’re aware of the recent scandal with Sasshi being in a relationship with a wota, right? Yes, you might hurt her by being with her now (That is, in the case that you and her are mutually in love) because of that no-dating-rule. However, if you’re willing to wait for her after she graduates, then who knows, you might actually have a chance. Again, this is only assuming that you want to be her kareshi or future husband. Otherwise, you can be her friend just fine, but again the idol world is complicated, even male friends aren’t allowed so in one way or another it might damage her idol career too (this will change after she graduates as I’ve said before). Again, I’m not discouraging you, just looking at things from many perspectives. But of course, you can love her from afar. That’s what I’m doing. It’s perfectly fine .
    What I’m worried about is that she’s the type of person who always cares for others before her own. Even when she has her own issues she’s keeping in her heart as not wanting to bother others with her own problems. Keeping things in her heart isn’t good, especially now with Acchan, her best friend, graduating, to whom can she confide her worries in or who can lend a shoulder to her in times of trouble? Granted, it was always her who lent a shoulder to Acchan most of the time but there were times when Acchan was being very reliable too like when Erena announced her graduation. Thinking about it just makes me more worried about her. KNowing her, she will be putting her 1000% into keeping AKB together and on top. As a result, she forgets about herself.

    • Kragorin says:

      Welcome back my friend. I see now what you did there, lol. My epic misunderstanding in conversations seems to work perfectly :D.

      And I’ll be honest with you. I don’t want TakaMina to be an Idol in the future. I want her to be a singer. I think they have no restrictions whatsoever. (I’ve never seen anyone complaining about Yoshioka Yui’s personal life/friends before, so I have high hopes… but I can be wrong.)

      About that Sasshi craziness: https://kragorin.wordpress.com/2012/06/15/breaking-the-silence/
      So in short I am pissed up as hell because of these “rats” or “vermin”. I hate it when this happens. And there are some speculations about the timing of this thing. Maybe the main AKB management had their hands in it too… that’s disgusting… But again, this is just a speculation… AKB is going downwards in my eyes that’s for sure… Actually I only need one or two more pushes to totally turn away from these groups and cancel any project I have with them… But enough of my rambling.

      TakaMina on the other hand might need a helper now. This would be the perfect time for my protagonist guy to step in and help her. Too bad he only exists in my world and not in real life. But the next best thing is me. But again this Idol business makes it impossible for me to help her. Even if I lived in Japan and I was a friend of some high caliber person or something I still won’t be able to reach her without lighting the fuse…

      Anyway losing my second oshimen was a bad move from AKB48. It starts to look like there’s more sh*t in this industry in Japan than in the USA and that makes me sad… really sad in fact…

  4. Med says:

    Trust me, every Takamina’s fans out there want her to be a singer in the future, not an idol. ONe reason being that it’s her dream, the other being that AKB isn’t a place to achieve dreams, it’s just a stepping stone to bigger things, and idols only have a limited lifespan whereas solo artist, if successful, can survive longer. Oh and soloist definitely doesn’t have any restrictions whatsoever, that only applies to idols.
    TO me at this point, I only care about Takamina and the remaining 1st gen members, once they graduated, I’m out of this fandom too. It’s because I don’t like how members from sister groups keep infiltrating AKB. I know it’s for the benefit of the whole and it’s management’s idea not the girls but still, I don’t like it. And to me, it’s the 1st gens that makes me love AKB. It’s sad to see only 5 remains after Acchan graduates. Once Takamina is out, I will only follow her and , once in a while, keep a track on AKB for the other ori. members (assuming Takamina graduates before them).
    I hope Acchan can somehow persuade her to graduate too but it seems unlikely since Takamina once admitted that she’s very stubborn. WEll things like this happen in every entertainment industry not just Japan, the matter is whether it’s exposed or not.
    IT’d be great if you were born as her older brother or something so that you could keep an eye on her.

    • Kragorin says:

      Being born as her older brother could very well end up terribly 😛 In that scenario what I am dreaming about would be khm… “incestuous” … at least LOL. But being a sibling of a celebrity has its own drawbacks. I have a feeling that I would cause her more harm than help as I really don’t like publicity and if I was her older brother I would have paparazzi on my tail for sure. And as I’m always saying if TakaMina leaves than I leave too. There will be a few whose carrier I will follow like Masuda Yuka or Iwasa Misaki when they finally turn into solo singer. But that would be all.

      [*this comment was edited by the admin in order to protect personal data.]

      • Med says:

        Lol didn’t think of that. Well may be if you were indeed born as her brother in the first place you wouldn’t have such thoughts, ne? Or, if she didn’t become an idol in the first place things would be lots easier, wouldn’t it? BUt then you wouldn’t have been able to know her. Tough choices right there!
        Well I already added your email address. Do you use yahoo messenger? We can chat there privately.

  5. Kragorin says:

    Well I use Gmail’s internal chat system for real time chatting but I registered a Yahoo account and installed the messenger.

    [*this comment was edited by the admin in order to protect personal data.]

    • Med says:

      I’ve added your yahoo account.

      [*this comment was edited by the admin in order to protect personal data.]

  6. A Tomochin Fan says:

    Out of all the AKB48 MMember D-POV Package you passionately prepared, I really enjoyed this the most. Although she may not be my personal oshimen, I have and will continue to find it the most interesting in reading about other people’s oshimen.

    I have always found TakaMina to be the most entertaining and hard-working member of AKB48. She seems to bear the most character out of all the characters in AKB48. If AKB48 was a living body, TakaMina is definitely the heart of the team. To lead the AKB48 team vigorously, be a part of No3b, and now going to be a solo artist while still maintaining an honest aura is something only her could do.

    With the scandal involving her mother, many others would’ve have fallen, but TakaMina only flew higher. Minami Takahashi is amazing. I hope only good things for her. I guess the saying “goods things come in small packages” was referring to TakaMina.

    • Kragorin says:

      Thank you very much for you kind comment! I am glad that you liked this the most. This was the hardest one to write because this was the first and also it is about my KamiOshi so I’m very much biased towards her… But I’m happy that it turned out good. And I totally agree with you about TakaMina. She is the most hardworking individual in the group, but she’s not the only one who’s working hard.

      Thankfully that scandal was “just” about her mother and TakaMina personally wasn’t involved. Sayaka however… well we all see where she is now… 😦 And the thing is that TakaMina wanted to continue after that.

      And (Kataomoi 🙂 ) Finally yes, she is awesome. Well I love her for a reason, that’s for sure! 😀

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