AKBINGO! 120307 Episode 177

I wasn’t planning on packaging AKBINGO but when I watched this episode I couldn’t stay silent so I thought I’d share some thoughts with you.

Now this episode was a Diva-chan Kaiwaku, which is kind of a karaoke tournament. The judges are some very big names in the industry so they surely have some experience in this field. The first one os Yuwasa Junji, the chief producer of King Records. The second is Takahashi Jouji, a rock singer. And the third one is another singer and teacher Hidao Masagi. (I hope I wrote their names correctly as I’m not using subtitles.) Let’s not waste any more time and just jump into the action right away!

The first two contestants are Yamauchi Suzuran and Sato Sumire. Now these girls are not on my sympathy list since I had no real interests in any of them. Sumire is hot… yes, we all know that. And Suzuran is… well I don’t really know about her that much…

Just a little Yuri Goggles  style screen cap for my friend Black Gekikara! 🙂

Now according to Maeda Ami they both have cute voices so I’m curious about their performance. Let’s hear it!

Suzuran chose Roppongi Shinjuu by Aikawa Nanase. I haven’t heard about this before but the little sample they put in while the announcement sounded good. Sumire chose Anataga aete yokatta from Koizumi Kyouko, now I heard that one before and it is quite a good song. Now then, let’s hear them!

Suzuran surprised me! Really! She started to dance like a real idol, which made me feel strange. I started to see her as sexy. She was winking a lot and her voice was… good at least. She was nervous but definitely good. Her spelling of words was also great.

Let’s move to Sumire. She is cute, her eyes were playful but she hardly moved at all during her performance. Her voice was ok. It was better than I was hoping for but didn’t really have that little thing I wished for. But her voice was solid and didn’t miss the notes.

Now the judgment!

It was Yamauchi whom I liked more because her performance felt more energetic. And not to mention that a girl whom I am not particularly interested in could make me want her a little, deserves to win, at least this battle.

Time to move on. Our next competitors are Nakamura Mariko and Miyazaki Miho. Nakamura is not that really known by me but her aura is kind of nice so she gives me a good impression about that I might grow to like her when I start to know more about her. Miyao on the other hand is already on my list so I like her very much because of her attitude. I haven’t heard her singing solo though so I have no information about her singing skills.

Regarding to Matsui Sakiko she haven’t heard Mariko singing before so she cannot say anything about that. But she says Myao is quite good at singing. We’ll see… Nakamura Mariko chose Akaneiro no Yakusoku by Ikemonogatari. Myao chose Aoi Sangoshou from Matsuda Seiko. I haven’t heard these ones before so I don’t know what to expect. Let’s hear them as well!

Nakamura was good. She has a good, solid sounding voice. I definitely didn’t see this one coming. But still I felt some insecurity in her voice. Wasn’t bad but it could definitely be better nonetheless.

Miho was not bad either but there were lots of misses in her performance. She was so nervous and that almost ruined the song. She wasn’t bad, but she was far from good. I didn’t felt the usual Myao energy from her this time. She was cuter than Nakamura in this so at least she had something on her side. AKB is not just about singing anyways.

It’s time to identify the winner. It was an easy choice for them as Myao was too nervous to sing properly. I feel kind of bad about this but I also vote for Nakamura for this one too.

Now here come the big guns! This battle will be between Masuda Yuka and Katayama Haruka! I cannot say enough how much I like Yuttan. I know her voice as I heard it before and I have high expectations from her. I don’t know much about Katayama though. I don’t know if she has good voice or not so we’ll see.

Regarding to Kuramochi Asuka she says that she can listen to Yuka’s singing voice all day long. She even says that Haachan too is good at singing so it’s a waste to let these two compete in the first round.

Masuda chose Yasashii kisu wo shite from DREAMS COME TRUE. Now I heard that one before and I really liked it. I’m getting excited to hear it from Yuka! Katayama chose DESIRE from Nakamori Akina. I haven’t heard that one so I don’t know about that. Anyway this looks like a good battle. Let’s hear ‘em!

Kirakira suru! Suteki!!

Okay, Yuka time! … Dear LORD! … Why? … Why is she so AWESOME! She is so beautiful when she’s singing. OH MAI GAD! She didn’t shake for a moment. She sings it PERFECTLY! OH… Yuttan! More, more MORE! I looove her… wait, no! I mustn’t cheat on TakaMina‼ But still Yuka was… insanely good! I almost fainted… The only one who could move me this much is my oshimen Takahashi Minami. Yuttan really made my day! She is going up on my list after this, that’s for sure! This VOICE of hers… ah… felt like a real though ‘Fus Ro Dah’ right into my face! I think I even took an arrow in the knee! LOL 😀

But let’s give a chance to Haachan too. She also starts with dancing. That’s okay since her song is a bit faster. But I wasn’t expecting a voice like that to come out from her mouth. She even did some sexy dancing just because she could. Nice. 🙂 She is quite good and has a strong deep toned voice. My ultimate MOE factor. She is really good. I mean REALLY good.

Judging on this one is hard, really hard.

But the experienced veterans chose easily. It was Masuda. I feel a bit sorry for Haachan since she did exceptionally well on this. However Yuttan had more in her. Masuda was just too awesome to beat. For me she is one of the top singers of AKB. And there are not too many members who can do such thing like her. When she leaves AKB I will follow her singer career if she manages to get it.

This was the end of this episode. I love the idea to hear the girls singing live. I wish more of my favorites to get a chance though! The one whom I’m waiting for the next episode is Iwasa Misaki, Wasamin. Her enka solo was out of the top. This girl can sing and it happens that I love the enka style. We’ll see though. The next episode will be FUN!

See you next time!



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