AKBINGO! 120314 Episode 178

Here we are again. The next episode of AKBINGO! Diva-chan Kaiwaku! YAY! Let’s not waste much time and let’s just jump into action right away!

The first two contestants today are Iwasa Misaki ♥ and Ichikawa Miori. I recently started to like Iwasa Misaki alias Wasamin so much since her solo debut. I just love enka and she does it well. About Ichikawa I can’t say much since she is not that interesting. She was cute in the beginning but never showed us much. She is still that not-too-smart cute little girl and to be honest I’m starting to get tired of that. -_-

But let’s see what they brought to us today. Wasamin will sing Tsugaru Kaikyo Fuyugeshiki by Ishikawa Sayuri. I haven’t heard that one before so I don’t know about that song but knowing Wasamin it would be awesome no matter the song. Ichikawa chose Anata no Kiss wo Kazoemashou from Koyanagi Yuki. I don’t know that song either so but we’ll see how it will turn out.

Then let’s begin de gozaimasu! Wasamin goes first. First impressions were: Oh yes, I’m listening to Wasamin’s singing so it can’t go wrong. No misses, just clear voice. Yep, just as I expected from her. It was an enka song after all. Wasamin+enka=instant win 🙂 And on the top of that, she is really pretty.

Okay, Miorin’s turn! … Ah… why… It’s so… terrible. I am sorry but… this just won’t do… It’s painful to listen to… Like if she was crying inside… Even the camerawork was bad… I don’t know what to say about this. She got better in the end but still… My only guess is that she was too nervous. She even starts to cry in the end as she already knew how terrible she was. Poor soul…

The judges chose Wasamin for the winner. No surprise there. It was a clear win, Ichikawa didn’t stand a chance. Wait a sec! Misaki will face Yuka in the next round! NO‼ I was hoping for Yuttan-Wasamin finals. Darn!

Okay, it’s time to move on. The next two will be Oya Shizuka and Sato Amina. I know these two but never heard them singing for real. This would be fun!

Okay girls, what did you bring to us today? Shiichan will sing Satoukibi Batake from Moriyama Ryouko. I don’t know that song either so we’ll see. Asuka says that it is a quite long song and while Shizuka singing it in karaoke they used to talk about some other things with the other members. How rude. 🙂

Amina brought us Friends from Rebecca. Dear lord! I just love that song! What is with all the classics here anyway?! Something tells me I’m going to enjoy this one!

Time for the pleasure! Shiichan asked if she can sit down and sing like that. I was a bit strange but hey, whatever floats your boat, right? So she sat down and started to sing. It sounds nice at first and gets even better. Like an ending of a Studio Ghibli movie or something similar. 🙂 It’s a nice calm song and Oya sings is very well. Nothing’s wrong with her performance. It was a bit shaky in the end but nothing to worry about. The judges even said that it was a good thing to sit down, got comfortable first and got into the mood.



Now it’s Amina’s turn. I have high expectations from her since she is going to sing one of my favorite classics. And why do I love this song so much? Well because of my favorite singer also sang this song before. Yep, Yoshioka Yui tried her luck with this one and won so much love from me with that!

Now Amina starts the song very well. Has a clear voice and didn’t shake for a second here. OMG! Amina you did it! I’m glad you sang this song! I usually don’t like her voice that much but it is clean like a crystal. It was good! The only bad thing I can bring up is that her body movements were sometimes off-rhythm. But other than that it was almost perfect.

Let’s see who will win!

It’s hard to choose. The judges seem to like Oya better because she showed some pro skills by singing the song in her own pace. I can’t choose. I like Oya better but I liked Amina’s song better. But if I have to choose I vote on Shiichan too because I like her voice better. Still this was more like a tie to me.

Okay the last pair will be Ishida Haruka and Takeuchi Miyu. Haruka looks better with sort hair. She even made an appearance in Bimyo in which she looked hot! Miyu on the other hand is not the type I’m interested in. Maybe because of her so young age of 16 that keeps me from getting into her or her character, I don’t know.

But let’s see what they got. Haruka will sing Sekai de Ichiban Atsui Natsu from PRINCESS PRINCESS. An another classic eh? Isn’t this total ownage? And what did you bring Miyu? Can you keep a secret? from Utada Hikaru? What the…?! Are you MAD girl?! That song is damn hard! Are you sure you can sing that? Okay…

Let’s start with Haruka. She has an interesting voice. She is a bit shaky but still within the bearable level. Her tone is too high for me to enjoy but her singing was not bad. She even got praised by one of the judges so she did just well.

Okay Miyu, show us what you’ve got! She starts with a soft voice. She even shows us that she can say some English words. It still needs some work though. She sings it solid. I’m glad that she didn’t want to copy Utada. She too got praised by the judges.

But let’s see who won this little battle.

The judges say it was Miyu and I agree with them. From these two she was the one whose performance was solid. Wasn’t anything spectacular but it was decent enough.

Okay, let’s move upwards. The next battle will be between Yamauchi Suzuran and Nakamura Mariko.

Now girls what did you bring this time? Suzuran will perform Sayonara no Mukougawa from Yamaguchi Momoe. What a surprise, another classic. 🙂 Nakamura will sing Mikazuki from Ayaka. I don’t know if I heard that one before or not but we’ll see where this goes.

Suzuran starts it low and soft. It is not as good as her previous one. She sounded good and there were no false tones as I could hear. Nothing too spectacular here either though.

Now Mariko’s turn. She sings it well. Nice angelic voice she has. The main thing I want to point out is that her performance is getting a little emotional and that makes it much better.

Now the winner will be…

It is hard to choose again as these two were also close. The judges chose Nakamura Mariko and I agree with them. Mariko was a bit better but just a little bit. 🙂

I’m really interested in who will win this competition. One more episode to go! I’m cheering for Yuttan and Wasamin. Too bad one of them has to go right in the beginning. :’-( Anyway that’s all for now!

See you next time!



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