Stories from SA-25



(The daughter of the full moon)


 Now before this story starts here are some notes about the environment where this all is happening. We are in a city called G.T. City. This name was given to this town when the people living here started to experience more and more hardships so the city was named the City of Great Tests. Eventually only the initials were kept and this is how it all begun. Now in this city there’s a company called SŌNT Arts. The word SŌNT comes from a purposely done misspelling of the Hungarian word called “sönt” which is “shunt” in English and it is a term in electronics. “A shunt is a device which allows electric current to pass around another point in the circuit.” Now you might ask what this all has to do with my story. It’s easy. I was educated in a school specialized for electronics. So I’m kind of an engineer in electronics but I forgot lots of those things over the years. I wasn’t really interested in electronics in the first place. Well actually I was a little, but after I finished the school I was no longer interested in these things anymore thanks to my school electro artificers. I was more into informatics anyways.

Now let’s get back into this company called SŌNT Arts which is a totally fictional one made up by me and its purpose was to create an environmental background for my stories. Now this all is good and such but what does this has to do with anything you might ask. Well it is connected to this thing called SA-25 which is easy to describe. This SA-25 is like an industrial park with many facilities in it like a High School with students’ quarters, a 24/7 supermarket, a six floor building which has a small movie theatre, cafeteria, a few offices in it, and on the top floor it has a quite big ballroom. Also this SA-25 park has a Computer and IT Research Center.

This SŌNT Arts is not just about IT and Tech, it is a universal company which has a motto of helping the people to realize their dreams so it also have some roots in culture and economy too.

OK, I probably wrote more about this than I should but hey, I had to lay down the base of this environment. Now let’s jump right into the story shall we? This particular story was made from a dream I saw when I was 13 years old. It was in 1998 when I first wrote down some notes about what happened in that dream. A few years later this story was born. This story is taking place in a different city called Johnon City. Just another city I created for my world which was originally created as a school project for a geography class.

This is the raw version of the translation so there might be some misspellings here and there. I hope you can forgive them to me but I wanted to upload this as soon as I could.


It was a beautiful summer morning. The sun was shining high on the sky and the birds were tweeting happily inside the green of the trees. When I stepped to my window and looked out from it I saw a few small children playing in the grass. This was the time when I remembered my childhood. Oh, how beautiful it was!

I was ten years old when the new neighbors moved in to their new home right next to ours. It was a young married couple with a single child, a young girl. She was called Blanca and I thought she was the cutest thing in the world.

I was just a brat back then with not much confidence but I was curious about what kind of people are our new neighbors. I wanted to know more about these people so I was just lingering around their house and hoping that I get a chance to see their little daughter. I wanted to get close to her so badly but sadly nothing has happened. The whole day just ended without any happenings whatsoever. In the end I went inside our home tired and broken inside.

When I entered the house I heard strange noises coming from the sitting room. It was a voice of strangers I didn’t recognize any of them. At first I thought I was in a wrong house but then I realized that everything else was just too familiar to me. Are we having guests? I asked myself and realized that this might be the reason. I was too tired and sad to show myself so I just went up on the stairs to my room. I was still in my clothes when I jumped onto my bed. I was lying down on it facing the ceiling and staring into the nothingness. I closed my eyes but all I could think about is that little girl from the neighborhood. Her face just burned into my mind in the minute I first saw her. That look she gave me at that time had a big effect on me.

I can’t sleep. All I do is tumble on the bed. Finally I decided to take off my clothes and jump into my pajamas. Sadly nothing has changed and I did the same thing. I still can’t fall asleep. Suddenly a loud laugh was heard from the first floor. It was so loud that it echoed through the whole house. This must be the work of my dad as he loves to tell crazy jokes.

As the echo was fading away I turned over and I was looking at my window. The moon’s faint light was infiltrating through my curtains and I finally closed my eyes. The last thing I saw was this silver light from the full moon then… I fell asleep…

In my dream I saw that little girl. She was calling my name and I tried to get close to her but the faster I ran the further away she got. I was running like crazy but before I could reach her she just vanished in a split second.

A strong light wakes me up in the morning. The sun’s golden rays bring life into my room. When I go to my window I open it to let the fresh morning breeze enter my room. Those happy birds were tweeting again and that made me feel a bit better. This was the time when I realized how hungry I am. Well if I skip the dinner there is a high chance of waking up hungry as a bear after a long winter. I just take a short shower before I rush downstairs to the kitchen for some food.

Mom was already awake when I got there. She was already making the breakfast. When I stepped close to her I saw a question in her eyes.

“Where have you been last night my dear?”

I look up on her and after a small pause the words started to come out from my mouth.

“I went to sleep because I was so tired…”

Then my mother’s face started to cheer up as she was worried about that something might happened to me.

“Oh I see… That’s too bad because you missed our new neighbors. We were having a dinner together.”

This was the time when something has moved inside me. Did I hear right? The new neighbors were dining here?

“They brought their daughter Blanca too. She was so cute just a little too shy.”

Now this was the moment when my mind gone blank. It took me minutes just to regain my consciousness.

“Are you alright my dear?”

My mother started to worry about the sudden change of my condition. I was basically just frozen in time and I couldn’t do or say anything just standing there like a rock. Finally after a few minutes I regained control over my body and mind so I could answer to my mother.

“No, nothing, I’m just… surprised, that’s all…”

Finally mother’s face started to ease up again and a little smile was forming on her lips. Then she told me that the breakfast is ready and I sat down and started to wolf down the food she gave me. My mind was running like a locomotive. I was thinking about that girl again and about the last night when I missed the opportunity to meet her. Darn, why did I go to bed that early?!

It’s too late to think about this right now though. Mom was a bit surprised that I usually don’t eat this much for breakfast but I had to fuel my body with food because I made a plan about my day. I decided to ring the neighbors’ doorbell and introduce myself. Whoever will open the door I can only win with that as I will make a good impression. I didn’t take much and ran out of the house. When I was about to grab the door handle my mother stopped me saying:

“Oh, I hope you didn’t forget the today evening’s grill party my dear? It will be hold at 6 pm.”

A grill party? Oh, yes, now I remember! My best friend’s family is making a big party today and they invited most of the neighborhood. Suddenly I got a crazy idea.

“Mom, will our new neighbors come too?”

I asked her and tried to behave as guiltless as I could. Mother answered with a low and calm tone of hers, like usual.

“Yes my dear, they were invited too and they accepted it.”

This was good news indeed! But I mustn’t show how happy I really am because she might get wild ideas about it. But this is really important to me as I want to meet this cute little girl. And this will be a perfect opportunity for me to do it. While the adults are going to tell their stories to each other I might have a chance to get some privacy with this girl. Fantastic!

As I was about to run away again I answered to my mother’s earlier question but the last part of my sentence was finished from the outside as I ran out so fast.

“Sure mom, I’ll be there!”

I would never miss and opportunity like this. When I was walking on the street I was looking at the neighbors’ house wondering about tonight. I can’t wait to get to that party! As I was losing myself in thoughts I slowly reached my destination.

I was at my best friend’s house. The little Charlie lives here and I promised him that I will accompany him on his ride. We were like hooligans on bicycles as we were going everywhere with our two tires. Because we were living in the suburbs so there was not much of the traffic in our street. When I finally rang the bell a little cutie opened the door. It was no other than Charlie’s little sister Nicolet who was licking a lollipop which painted her tongue deep purple. She invites me in then she shouts for her brother that I arrived.

Charlie comes down from the stairs and shows me a sad face. They are just about to their grandparents because they are invited to the party as well and sadly they don’t have a car. Also they have some things that has to be brought here as well so today’s schedule is canceled. Darn… I got a bit sad too because I was looking forward to today’s little trip. Whatever… At least I will have time to think about some things.

After Charlie walked me out he closed the door with a sad face of his. It can’t be helped now. I had to go on a cycling trip alone which is nowhere as fun as when you are with your friends. I even took a small walk in the close woods where we are used to go for camping.

Nothing interesting has happened afterwards so it was nothing but time killing until the night. The 6th hour after noon was crawling closer and closer by each minute. I am inside my room getting ready for the event. I still have time till it starts so I sit down onto my bed. I take a book into my hands and start to read it. It gets boring after five seconds so I put it down. There’s only one thing on my mind right now. Blanca… I want to be with her right now. I am so excited!

As I continue daydreaming about her I lose my sense of time. When I look at my alarm clock it shows 17:44. Shoot, I am almost late! I never left my room so fast and ran downstairs to my parents. I didn’t want to be left alone in this very important evening. Thankfully my father is always slow to get ready so my parents were still at home.

After everyone was ready to go we left the house. As we walked down the street I was checking the neighborhood for any sign of them but without any luck. The curtains were closed so I couldn’t see anything or anyone inside. I suddenly became a little gloomy and with my head facing down I was counting the stones we encountered on the sidewalk…

“We are here!”

My mother said as we reached our goal. We didn’t hesitate for a second and just entered the court like that. So many guests were already here. I see almost everyone except our new neighbors. What happened to them? Where are they? Did they not come? I started to get tense.

“Go, and say hello to Charlie!”

My father said as he saw my uneasiness. He knows very little about the struggle I had inside my head. However I take his advice and go into the house. The first one I encounter in there is Mr. Charles, Charlie’s father. He seems in a good mood as his smile almost extends his face. I greet him with a respectful manner then I am about to leave when he says:

“The little Charlie is in his room and is about to get ready.”

I turn back and give a nod to him as acknowledgement then off to my friend’s room. I was just about to grab the door handle when the door opens and he comes out.

“Oh… Hi! So you are here too? I was waiting for you! Come, let’s go out! I’m sure everyone’s here already.”

Without losing any seconds we just rush out from the house. I take a little peek at the big clock on the wall. It shows that approximately ten minutes past six. Maybe Blanca’s family has arrived already. I got really excited so I couldn’t control my feelings so well. Come one, let’s hurry up! I want to meet her! I want to meet her so badly!

Long seconds are passing away. I feel my heartbeat in my throat. Something is pulsing inside me, I can feel it. Strange force starts to squeeze my stomach. Finally we got out from the house. I started to tremble as I was quickly “scanning for life signs” of the girl in the crowd. There weren’t that many people here just a few families but for me they looked like a crowd made of hundreds of people at that moment. They were moving up and down at the courtyard so they made an optical illusion which deceived my eyes. I couldn’t find her no matter how hard I tried to locate her so I started to lose my faith.

Maybe she didn’t come. I don’t understand… Why? I started to feel like if I was lost in a dense jungle near the Amazonas and I can’t find my way out. Like if I was lost inside myself. As I was finally standing in the middle of the yard I lost the sight of my parents as well. I can’t recognize the faces of the people anymore. Everyone’s talking to someone, they great me, but I don’t even know which one is which…

Then suddenly something’s happening. I wasn’t prepared for this strange feeling at all. It feels as if something’s pushing me from behind. I turn around but I can’t see anything. Then I feel it again. This time it keeps me from moving. Then an even stranger thing happens. Something licks my hand. Ok, I am now scared as hell.

I am trying to collect some of my lost courage which is now scattered around like little golden rings from a videogame. When I finally look down I see two black eyes staring at me. I am just looking at it for a minute or so before I recognize it. It’s nothing else than Charlie’s dog, Bruno. I start to pet it a little when I hear Charlie’s voice calling for the dog. I sigh as I was just surviving a heart attack. Bruno’s known for now listening to their owner that much. (Lack of calm and assertive behavior from them I suppose…)

Then Charlie arrives and takes the dog out of the field and puts him into his cage. Then Mr. Charles starts to gather the guest and he wishes the best for everyone. After a shot toast the party begins.

This is the time when I decide to find my parent. It takes me ages just to get through all that people when you are half the size or even less than them. As I was wondering though the crowd I find someone whom I never expected. I see a beautiful little girl with long brown hair, deep brown eyes in a nice white summer suit decorated with colorful flowers. Time is going onward but I am lost in this beautiful moment like if the time itself just froze. Then the girls starts to talk with a soft and kind and a bit shy voice.

“Excuse me… Did you see my parents?”

She is so shy that she can’t even look into my eyes more than a split second. She is grabbing her clothes with her hands in her embarrassment. Like if she was standing alone in an airport of a foreign country. She was so cute at that time so I started to admire her. Yes, I admired her because she had the courage to ask a total stranger for directions. I turned into her fan almost instantly. Then while I was still in a daze her mouth started to form words again.

“Will you help me find my parents?”

This time she was asking it with a bit stronger tone. It still wasn’t rude or anything as she was very polite even towards me. I felt her uneasiness from her voice and that made me return into the real world. This was the time when I realized that it is me who she is speaking to and asking for help. My heartbeat started to get faster and my hands started to sweat too. I tried to squeeze some answer out from my mouth but all I could say was one word:


This was like a hardest thing to say right now. Thankfully I managed it without too much difficulty so we could go on our way now to find the little girl’s parents. I felt like an eternity but actually it wasn’t longer than a few minutes before we first laid our eyes on her parents. Then she suddenly grabbed my arm. I was more than shocked because of this event and I got confused fast. I wasn’t sure how to react to this. As I took a look at her she seemed very disturbed, even scared. I heard that she started to breathe faster and faster. What could scare her this much? I had no idea until I saw Bruno on loose. Now I get it. She must be scared because of the big dog running around and eating everyone’s food. That was the moment when I had to tighten my pants and become the knight which will save the little princess from the beast.

I spent no more time hesitating and just jumped into the action right away. I had to make the dog return to his “quarters”. I tried so hard but it was impossible for me to do that. The dog was almost bigger than me. Now way he would listen to me would he?

There’s this saying that “fortune favors the bold…” I was about to find that out as I grabbed a meat from a table and used it as a bait to lure him away. Thankfully the plan worked so I could neutralize this “treat” before it could go overboard. When I returned I felt as if I defeated a huge dragon. I felt the pride inside my chest. I suddenly felt big and strong even if just for a second or two. Now I could have my princess at my side so I could give her back to her parents unharmed. She thanked me with a kiss on my cheek. This was the moment I never even dreamed of. I think this kiss made me fell in love with her even more…

After this long and romantic moment she went to her parents and she could feel safe again. It was the time for me to find my parents as well. After this the party went smoothly. The time started to speed up and before we knew it the party was about to end. The guests started to leave and only a few of us was left when we decided to go home too.  Long farewells were flying everywhere as most of the families work so much that they don’t have enough time to hang out together much. Suddenly the row of people has stopped moving. I went forward to see why and I saw Bruno somehow managed to free himself again and was terrorizing the crowd to give him a little love before they leave. OK, maybe he wasn’t terrorizing them but he was certainly blocking their escape route nonetheless.

But even Bruno’s rule has to end somehow and thankfully Mr. Charles grabbed him and took him into his arms. Finally the road was clear again so we could go on our ways now.

After we left the court we were on the road again. It was already dark and I was looking at the stars on the sky. I remembered the moment when the little girl kissed me on my cheek. I feel I won’t forget that moment any time soon. As I was walking onwards I realized that I might know her parents. This was the time when I realized that the girl who just gave me a kiss was no other than Blanca herself. My whole body started to tremble. My cheeks felt as if they were on fire. I think I was blushing hard but I had no mirror to confirm that. I am sure I just experienced how it feels to fell in love with someone…

When we were walking past the neighbors’ house I noticed a window which was illuminated from the inside. I thought that it must be Blanca who is about to get ready to bed. I started to blush again as I imagined her in her pajamas even though I never saw her like that.

After we finally got home and I was ready to go to my bed too I took a look at my window one last time. I was wondering about what Blanca is dreaming about. I was sure what I am going to dream about though… It would be her… When I get into my bed I fell asleep almost instantly. I was so exhausted that my body just turned off in a moment. I was having a beautiful dream at that night with Blanca in it. I hope I could turn it into reality one day. I wish for it!

The wonderful nigh was followed by a wonderful morning. When I woke up I felt like if I was a totally different person. I decided to go to the neighborhood and introduce myself as a proper kid should do. I didn’t wasted much time and after I finished my breakfast I went out from the house and I aimed for the neighbors’ house.

I was walking like a king at first. I felt proud and strong but as the distance gradually decreased my steps started to get harder and harder. My courage was almost gone when I reached the door and the empty space that remained in me was soon filled with uneasiness. I am not that brave kid after all. I am always very timid. Not to mention that what I was about to do was way out of my league. But I made a promise to myself so I had no way of turning back now. I have to keep my promises no matter how hard it is to do!

I took a few minutes to get prepared for the task. I took a few deep breaths and finally I felt ready to ring the bell so I did. There was no turning back at this point. The door was opened by Blanca’s mother who looked almost the same as her daughter but she was much-much taller. Her beauty almost blinded my vision.

“Can I help you?”

She asked as I was just staring the sparks around her body. I almost forgot if I am a girl or a boy. But I had to return to the real word. She was smiling at me so I felt it would be impolite to just to stare at her. As I introduced myself she invited me inside. I was walking in a house where this little angel lives. They just moved in but it was already nicely furnished. Jugs everywhere with fresh flowers in them really set my mood. Sweet scent was floating around the house.

Then a young girls was appears as she’s walking down the stairs. She looked so graceful yet young and fresh. When she saw me her shy attitude started to show itself again. It made her even cuter than I remembered. After the short introduction of mine she asked me to follow her into her room.

I felt as I could catch a butterfly with my hands tied right now. I was following her up on the stairs. When we entered her room I was amazed by the look of it. Snow white curtains on a big window, beautiful pink walls, and stuffed animals everywhere. As she sits down onto the carped in front of me I follow her lead.

“So… you are the neighbors’ son, right?”

I nod once and try to be as friendly as I can. Then she asks another question:

“Do you have many friends?”

“Well I have some friends. Not too many but they all are good kids.”

Blanca’s face started to turn a little sad. But before I could ask her what happened she told me by herself.

“I don’t have any friends…”

Suddenly I was grabbed by a feeling and strangely enough I just split out some words I wouldn’t be able to say this easily.

“Don’t be sad. If you need a friend, here I am!”

Blanca was surprised by these words of mine and I think even moved by them. I saw her sadness is started to fade away but a little tear started to form in her eye. She said nothing but I know that she felt grateful to me.

After this we talked a lot. She was so honest with me and I was the same with her as well. She told me a lots of things about herself what she likes and whatnot. I never thought that I would ever able to get this close to a cute little girl like her…

So this is how all started. We’ve been the best friends for about a year. It was nice and I enjoyed every minute of it. With my friend Alexander we’ve became the famous trio in our street. We were always hanging out together. We were no angels but we were a good team. Blanca was now more talkative and more confident but she stayed to be a bit timid which gave her that extra cuteness. Also she smiled more which was wonderful to see every day.

The next summer came fast and uneasy vibrations were flying in the air.  Blanca called our house and asked me to meet her in our secret place near the neighboring woods. It was night and dark already and I asked my mother if she allows me to leave the house in a late hour like this. Since that secret place of ours wasn’t far away she allowed me to go but I had to come back within an hour.

I met Blanca on the road to our place so I joined her. She said nothing to me and just walked next to me silently. I felt that something was not right here but she did not answer to my questions. The full moon was shining brightly on the sky but somewhat it made me even more nervous. What could have happened that she asked me so late in the night?

When we finally arrived at our secret place near the small river she faced me but she was still looking at the ground.

“What’s wrong Blanca? What happened?”

She said nothing at first. A little hesitation was felt from her and when she was about to speak she closed her eyes for a second. When she opened them again I saw a tear running down on her right cheek.

“I wanted to say something important to you… This is the last day we could spend together… because tomorrow… we will move…”

I was shocked. At first I didn’t even understand the words she just said. I thought that this might be a bad joke but when I saw another tear running down on her cheek I realized that this isn’t a joke. This is all real…

“What? But why?”

I needed a reason why we have to say goodbye to each other so soon. Blanca was staring at a ground and her tears started to fall rapidly.

“Because dad found a better job somewhere else…”

I felt as if my heart was about to break. I couldn’t accept the fact that I have to “break up” with Blanca because of this. I didn’t want this little wonder to leave me…

But it happened. Next day I saw the neighbors as they were packing up and putting in everything inside their car. They’re moving… There’s no doubt about it anymore.

Somehow it turn out that everyone already knew about this as they came out from their houses to say goodbye to them. Even my friend Alexander has come for whatever reason. Maybe to say goodbye to Blanca or maybe to cheer me up I don’t know…

When everyone wished them well Blanca’s family was ready to leave. I was too afraid to face them now but if I miss this opportunity to speak to her one last time I will regret it my whole life.

As I said goodbye to her my heart broke. The pain was stronger than anything else I felt before. When the car started to move Blanca was waving her hands sadly from the back window. I was desperately running after them as I didn’t want to lose her. I was screaming my pain out of my mouth when I said:

“Blanca‼ Don’t go away‼ Don’t leave me alone‼”

I even remember when Alexander ran after me. When the car faded out from my vision he tried to calm me down. I was overpowered by my own feelings so I shouted at him.

“Why did she have to go away?‼ Why?‼”

That was the time when I first felt so abandoned. I won’t forget that day. Now here I am. Standing in the front of my window in G.T. City. I am watching young children playing in the park. It has been six years since I had to say goodbye to Blanca but her memory is living on inside my heart.

Then suddenly my cellphone rang. I go to my desk and take my phone from it. I answer it and I hear my mother’s voice. It sounds very sad as something terrible has happened. When I asked her what happened she was a bit hesitant to speak.

“Oh my dear… a terrible thing has happened… that girl… you know… that girl whom you met six years ago… Blanca… she… she was about to come back here to visit us after that long time… they… they…

My mother started to cry and her words became hard to understand. I was about to lose my calmness as well as this is the first time I heard about Blanca since that time. When my mother finally became able to speak she told me what happened.

“When they were on the way here… a truck ran into their car and… they all died…

For a second the time has stopped for me.

“Blanca… died?”

Mother was in despair when she tried to answer me.

“I am sorry my dear… she died as well…”

This was the time when I heard a loud crash inside my chest. I couldn’t believe that Blanca is no more. That wonderful girl is just… gone… I took away my phone from my ear and it slipped out from my hand. I can’t believe that she is no more…

I heard my mother voice from my phone who was calling for me. I didn’t answer. I picked up the phone and turned it off. I put it back onto the desk and started to stare at it. I don’t want to be disturbed now… I want to be… alone right now…


When I was at her funeral I felt as if my childhood had faded away with her. Everything I had, everything I was back then was gone… I felt emptiness inside me… One part of me died and it won’t come back anymore… I just have to live on, but how… I don’t know… I feel so lonely right now…


Author: Kragorin

The End


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