Yokoyama Yui

Our next contestant will be this girl from Kyōto who was a big surprise to me how she turned out over the two years since she got promoted to a full-fledged member. Yokoyama Yui has a lot of potential in her so let’s jump into her analysis right away! (Warning! Complicated language ahead!)

After the graduation of Ono Erena a new name turned up in our AKB dictionary. That was this girl with a cute accent. Since I know very little about the beginning of her career and about her in general this analysis turns out to be a little hard for me right now. Thankfully these posts aren’t meant to be encyclopedia-like articles so I am sort of free in a meaning of the content.

Now here we had a new face in AKB48 whose specialty was… not speaking much and being ultra-shy. There was a good little “analysis” about her in one of the forums I read that said: “Yokoyama Yui – I don’t want to disturb you so you just keep doing what you are doing. I just want to be in the corner, I promise I won’t bother anyone so you don’t have to spend your time and energy talking to me…”

Now this girl who always faded into the shadows when I saw her was always put into the light right away and I had no idea what the management saw in her. Thankfully enough time has passed for her to finally show some of her characteristics. This reminded me of Watanabe Mayu, who was also a bit silent in the beginning of her AKB career. Back then she had no character just as Yokoyama.

Today’s Yuihan is much more interesting however… I liked her back then with her well-mannered behavior. Also I sort of like these silent, shy and reserved girls, as you might not believe me but I used to be a person just like that. Silent, shy, reserved, well-mannered and always fading into the shadows of the corners of rooms. I know this sounds weird concerning my behavior on the internet being all-out offensive, rough, cynical and critic all the time.

Back to our Yuihan,  she possesses some characteristics I really like. At the beginning I put her in my heart almost instantly even though I missed Erepyon so much. With Erena I had compunction because I started to treasure her too late. Now since she left this group I will not able to finish her analysis. But I can concentrate on other girls and making sure I won’t make the same mistakes again.

Yokoyama Yui became the next big thing in AKB because of the big push she got. She was just put in the Team K and yet she was in almost every AKB show I know… AKBINGO!, Nemousu TV, Shuukan AKB, etc… This seemed a bit too much being pushed like this, but I never had any problem with it since she wasn’t the only one and not even the first one who was given such a big help. Since this cute girl eventually earned my respect and attention by on her own so in the end I see no problem anywhere.

As I mentioned before she has some characteristics I really like so let’s go into those details now. First of all let’s talk about this strange phenomenon which occurred while I was watching an episode from Shuukan AKB. I don’t know the exact title of it but I know it was aired at 20th of January, 2012. Now in this episode three girls from AKB (the other two were Komori Mika and Oya Shizuka) were riding on bikes and searching for some famous places of Tokyo. Now the show itself wasn’t that interesting for me. Yui however I found becoming an interesting little “thing” to me. She did nothing special in that show. Wasn’t that funny either yet I started to hear only her voice in the whole show. It somehow sounded so soothing to me that I calmed down. I never experienced something like this before. I was so confused that I couldn’t even theorize what could have possibly happened back then.

After giving it so much thought and time I finally understood this phenomenon. Now before I dive into the business I have to tell you that some of you might find this really wild. I agree that what I am about to discuss looks like a bit oversaturated thing, but let me put it in this way: This “analysis” was never meant to be an objective article. I can’t say this enough as these “analyses” are more like my own thoughts/feelings/opinion about the members and not real psychological analyses about their character and behavior. This is my PoV and yours will definitely differ as we all have/had different experiences in our lives and I am using my own character to determine the effect of other characters on it.

Okay, let’s start! This phenomenon that affected me in this strange way by calming me down gave me so many headaches. Now I know how and why it works. Yui has a strange aura. It is strong as I can tell from viewing her through an LED LCD screen. Her voice is not that special. Its pitch is too high for it to be a big moe factor to me. Her looks is not that great either. (Oh, I feel I’m going to get flamed by her fans so badly. But seriously! She is not the prettiest girl with the most perfect body in the group! But that has nothing do with her personality which is more important than looks anyway.) Yui is everything but an ostentatious girl. She never stood out from the average level like Acchan, Yuko, Jurina, Yukirin etc. did… Yui was always a “normal type Pokémon” to me. Nothing extravagant… Now you might ask then how come that I described her as a person with a strong aura with that soothing effect she has on me. Now this is how it is. I don’t know how but she has these effects yet she does nothing spectacular that might indicate this part of hers. Strange…

In order to understand this I had to dig deeper as the gem is hiding deep bellow the shallow grounds. First of all let me mention her eyes. Those have a main role in this whole image of hers. Let me tell you ladies and gentlemen that she has it! She has that killer stare that TakaMina has. Yui’s is not that “aggressive” but still better not to underestimate her. Now you might ask what is with this killer stare anyway. I tell you what this means to me. I can feel power from it. I can feel confidence from it. I can feel pride for it. The best combination is in which I can feel the calmness and assertiveness. The best attributes of the pack leader. And this is it. There’s one word I can describe this whole thing to you. Leadership. I’m always looking for a person who can take the lead, who has the strength, courage to stand up and walk forward. I want to be a follower of a person like this and this is what I am searching for in girls/women.

Now let’s get back to our topic. Maybe Yui does not possess all of these attributes or maybe she is at the lower level. But she definitely has them nonetheless. It was mentioned in one of the AKBINGO! Danso Battle episodes where Yui was dressed up as a man. Oya Shizuka said that she has a really “cutting eyes” (?) which made her a perfect choice for a danso. I know what you are thinking right now. Why do I like these manly attributes in girls/women… Maybe I am a… No, you are wrong! I have no interest in men! These attributes are not simply manly. I know they were found mostly in men but I say women can be just as strong and confident or even more than men.

Now that this has been put aside let’s turn back to this analysis. Yui’s eyes have magic inside them but not that kind which other girls have. I cannot describe it very well because there are no words for that. There is healthy woman pride inside them. You can’t just play around with her. She will scold you if you do and it will make you feel miserable so you will not have any choice but to apologize to her. She is not rough though so she won’t shout at you.

There was a special episode of another AKBINGO! in which I wanted to be looked down by her like this. I know I am weird but she gave me and impression of those older girls from my childhood whom I wanted to get close to but since I was just a brat I had no chance to get involved with them in a romantic relationship. Yes I know I am full of complexes but who doesn’t. Yui’s ingenuity is that she could make me feel this way even though she is younger than me. This girl’s awesome! Maybe when I get a chance to meet her in person my impressions about her will change. Until then though I can only work with what I have right now and that is not much.

Now let’s get back to this soothing effect of hers. It is interesting as I feel it as if it was an active thing. Unlike other girls I experienced this with Yui’s power works in a different way. Now ordinarily this calming effect works like this. It reduces the amplitude of your energy’s wave pattern and with that your energy level decreases. Also usually the frequency is also decreased to achieve a lower tension level. Yui’s effect on the other hand has a specialty of only reducing the “spikes” in my energy wave pattern. These spikes are caused by random thoughts that come into my (and anyone else’s) mind. Also these spikes get more intensive when feelings get into the mix. These spikes cause disturbances or noises which is the opposite of the calm and balanced state of mind. Now Yui has this strange effect on me when she talks about various subject not connected to my state of mind aka general talk or chit-chat. It is like something makes a move and strikes those junctions which appear right before spikes occur and with that it reduces the energy level significantly making the spike not that high or even eliminating it. By doing this it lowers the overall energy level and also frequency which ends up in a much balanced state of mind. And this is it really. (I apologize for this complicated explanation but I graduated as an electric engineer so sometimes I can’t help but to think like one.) To make the long story short Yui basically “weeds out” my mind’s garden and with that makes it look more well-set.

Also I want to talk about this picture. The way she is looking at someone (Gakuran in this case) is just making me speechless. She says nothing and just watches you as you reveal your true feelings about something. And she does not judge you. She just sits there and listens to your ramblings and without making you feel uncomfortable. She lets you let out some steam and with that she’s helping you more than an “active” companion could. Maybe I am thinking into this too much but this is what I feel from this picture. One of the few masterpieces that got into Majisuka Gakuen 2. There weren’t that much but there were some and this is one of those things.

Okay everyone this will be the end of this post. Thank you for reading this far. Maybe this was the longest one I wrote so far. Actually I wanted to wait with this girl’s analysis a bit more because I just recently got to know her better. But I had a strong feeling that did not want to leave me alone until I write my whirling thoughts out of my brain.

You can give some feedback in the comment section or ask me some questions if you lost me in the complicated electronics stuff. I just simply cannot be so simple. 🙂 Also I want to apologize for the low resolution/low quality pictures. I just don’t have many good pictures about Yokoyama right now to work with.

See you next time!



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