Episode 02

Okay, where did I left off? … Got it! Let’s do another trolling… khm… discussion about this terrible, terrible drama… It is not good but has some highlights that still keep the fans from leaving it… and I have nothing else to do with my free time since my beloved AKB48 is basically no more… I never cared about the new generation so much. I was always cynical about them and I took no prisoners… (Get it? 😀 ) It turns out that I do not have much of the choice but to take a look at them now. Let’s start then, shall we?

As this story is slowly ^creeping^ forward, I keep thinking about what they saw in this girl. I know the agency is pushing her from behind from the back because all I see everywhere is Paru here, Paru there… Yes, I get it, she is cute and pretty but… that’s all, really guys! There’s nothing else in there as I know it… anyway…

It’s clear as the sky that she is not my type at all… Sorry all the Paru fans out there… I just can’t seem to find her charm…

Yuria however… shows some real promises. Her character’s aura is so soothing, so caring, so hug-able… Her way of walking is kind of sexy… similar to the one that Tomo~mi has, but Yuria’s is not that over-saturated… Paru on the other hand is more like a girl who is cold… I can see no fiery feelings in her whatsoever… I know those kinds of girls so well… Yuria is much more passionate…

Okay now,  calm down everyone! You can say that Maeda’s character in the first season was similar to Paru’s, so she wasn’t that fiery either… I can’t argue with that as Maeda was like “I don’t give a shit about fighting anymore… just leave me alone…” It is true, but…

Maeda’s character had her moments of being passionate or soothing. Just like on ^this^ picture. My favorite shot of Maeda. In this picture I couldn’t figure out what she was thinking. Her eyes are so strict looking yet calming and warm… I just love this look… This shot really got me and made me friendlier towards Atsuko… Just one simple stare was enough… it lasted less than 3 seconds, still… I wished it would last for a little more but… oh, well…

I know what the fans would like to see in this drama.

Majisuka Prison would be better if it was more like this, right? I know all of you Yuri fans out there 😀

Okay, let’s put in a filler image of someone awesome.

Yes, you guessed it! Minarun Time! 🙂

I’m not even going to comment on this because… well Shimada… really is rebellious… she’s not acting here… 😀

And this… ah… still not hot enough…

Now behold the most awkward fight ever… why? I’ll tell you…

It is awkward, because Shimada got beaten up by a real life weakling… I know what you are shouting right now… Matsui Rena isn’t much in real life either… It is not about the strength of their body what I was referring to…

At least I shat my pants when I saw Rena, erm… I mean Gekikara beating up people… but seeing Paru doing that… feels awkward…

Just as ^this pose^ right here… -_-

Any similarities?

Now, what am I missing here? That’s right! This scene!

One of my favorites from the first season aka the Original Magisuka Gakuen… Sigh but Majisuka will never be the same without Acchan or without the main cast from the first season… But it can’t be helped…

Okay this final shot will be a little riddle I came up with. Who is the girl in the shadows? Can you guess it? 🙂

That will be all for now. Thank you for reading it.

See you next time!


  1. ramenlover says:

    Nice blog you have here. 😀 Your comments about MG3 is making me realize how much awesome MG1 is compared to this season. Paruru really can’t act to save herself. She comes up short when compared to Acchan and her method acting in season 1. Even in that simple scene where she’s supposed to support Peace while walking, it was all Yuria. -_-

    P.S. Those black marimokkori eyes are a giveaway, I think. That’s Yukirin/Black, right? 😀

    • Kragorin says:

      Hey ramenlover! Thank you for coming here, reading the posts and commenting on my blog. And yes, Paru is like nothing compared to Atsuko, and even Acchan wans’t that big talent in acting. I can’t see what they want to do with her. That girl is… just a ponkotsu… I’m sorry to say that, but this is how I see her. I feel Yuria as being more in the story than Paru. Even Shimada does a better job than her. But the management says Paru is the new idol we have to love/beg for/drool on… so there’s nothing we can do. Sembatsu? Bullshit. The new single sembatsu will be done by an another Janken Tournament…

      P.S.: The answer is Yes. That is indeed Kashiwagi “Black” Yuki on that picture. I never thought someone will ever comment on this though… Thanks btw!

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