Episode 03

Here we are at the third episode of this drama. It is still not that good but there’s something that keeps me from leaving it in the dirt. Since I’m almost completely ignoring the story it is not that painful. I wish I could do this with HanaKimi 2011 though… It hurt so much and it was right after I saw the original version… Anyways… Let’s hop into this episode quickly.

Is Yuria still cute? Yes! 🙂

It’s time for an another beat down…

Or rather just for some sour… plums…

Daasu feels the sour taste too…

…of not having a bond with anyone.



But looks like this episode will be about Komimi.


And about these two… oh no, not this crap again…

If you want to put in some lolis again, at least add in some more badass-ness with them…

Uhm… this might do the trick…

Ranran is a nice touch here…

I mean Bunker 🙂

Oh no, she’s about to use the 9 degree driver on Komimi in order to learn whose replacement is the newcomer. This is going to be painful…

Oh crap, she said it so quickly that it is Nobunaga’s replacement… Komimi… Seems like you can’t shut up when you’re scared… how cute 🙂

By the way, yeah… This drama’s getting better by putting in my favorite “new blood” members… but still… Ranran and Minarun is still not enough for me to keep on watching, so… we’ll see how far we’ll get.

Oh, and Minarun reminds me of someone on ^this^ picture, but I’m not sure whom…

TrollololoLOL 😀


Enough messing around here… It’s time to slap someone! Like…

Komimi? Anyway, thanks Daasu 🙂

You are not one of us…

Oh and a little story here. This time I kept the subtitles on…

Ponkotsu dakara… -_-

This is a perfect example of Fire and Ice. Kuumin is so fired up, yet we can’t see anything in Paru’s eyes… I know that she was limited by her role but… I would want to stop compare this drama to the previous seasons but I can’t… Only if they didn’t chose the girl with the worst acting skills to play the main role… but they did, so this is all we get… I really want to like this girl, I really do, but… there’s no connection point in her I can attach myself to…

Oh god, just KISS dammit! 😀

Which one is better?

Damn, Kuumin looks hot even after she’s got beaten up. 🙂

But someone is not amused… oh god, the next episode will be all about her! YAY! 🙂

This will be all for now. I am sorry about the lack of content in the comments I made. But I compensated it with more pictures this time. Also I’m sorry for being this late with this.

See you next time!


  1. Girls/women under pressure together……….can B very intense…………lead 2 hot

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