Hello everyone, this is Kragorin again. This time I brought you something very different. An analysis about a PV, namely  the SKE48’s Kataomoi Finally. Why, you might ask? Well I got a special request for it, and also I wanted to do an analysis about the PV when I was watching someone’s YouTube video rambling about how confused they got after watching this PV. I’m not going to talk about the song as the lyrics are pretty straightforward. I will however talk about the PV itself and by doing so I can represent my PoV on this particular matter. I’m not planning to make this into a full-fledged  package series but you’ll never know for sure… But let’s start, shall we?

The beginning of the PV is calm and there’s no sign of any drama so far. Now in that famous video that person (I don’t know who they are…) mentioned that they don’t get why is a girl in a middle of nowhere laying down in the grass in a white dress.

Well if you listen to what Rena is saying carefully then I think it’s obvious. “I always thought that the world revolved around me…” And that is what is going on here. There’s no one else but her on that shot and the whole world is revolving around her. Easy enough… But she had enough of this because she had to face the cruel reality that “When it comes to falling in love, there are no rules…”

Then we have the biggest shock to experience in you “yuri-friendly” lives. 🙂 Kuumin and Non aka Yagami Kumi and Kimoto Kanon’s kissing scene. You can see so much passion in Kuumin’s eyes while she’s staring at that poor kid. Priceless… Oh did I mention that I like this so passionate Kuumin better than the overly cute one? Well, I did just now LOL 😀

Ok, what else we got here? We have a girlfriend, named Takayanagi Akane alias Churi.

Then we have the ladies’ favorite tomboy, Matsui Jurina, aka Jun. (I totally gave her this nickname 🙂 )

So the girlfriend gives her… I mean she gives him a necklace with a big lock on it. They totally ripped off my idea with this scene as in my big-big story I came up with the idea of a small golden lock on a gold chain, but nobody cares… I know…

Then this playa Jun just starts touching random girls’ legs while eating the lunch… a completely ordinary stuff for a man to do while feasting, that’s fore sure. 😀

Those were Rena’s legs by the way…

I don’t know how Jun does it, but if it was me who was touching a girl’s leg, I would get a slap so big that my head would hit the wall… But this is just a PV, so everything can happen. 🙂

Oh-oh, our girlfriend is not happy about this… Things might get hairy…

So we arrived on the top of a building. Seems familiar? Well it very well should! If you are into AKB48 too that is…

There is a similar scene in AKB48’s Keibetsu Shiteita Aijou PV. (sorry for the crappy shots) This is not a coincidence as there are other reference materials in Kataomoi Finally as they used the best AKB/SKE PVs and just magically morphed them together. Well basically they just used two as I know of, but hey… this is my analysis! 😀

Okay, let’s get back to the plot. Now Jun is about to give the necklace to Rena which (s)he received from (her) his girlfriend Churi.

Rena looks happy though… Just look at that face! 🙂

Then the Yuri god strikes again! 😀

They don’t even care about their surroundings anymore. It doesn’t even matter to them that there might be two people bleeding out in their cars who might need immediate medical treatment… Well, this is what this scene is about and not about smashing cars. But these street racer-like cars reminded me something…

Oh right… Dareka no sei ni wa shinai… There will be another instance of this PV later on too…

But Rena and her eyes… Who wouldn’t kiss her right now? Time to admit guys and gals, you all would taste her “greatness” right now! 😀 I know it isn’t just me… 🙂

Doing it as if Jun had a real girlfriend… Wait, (s)he already has! Never mind then… 😀

Then we have a sleazy party going on. Girls dancing and staring at each other… Like Kizaki Yuria and Ogiso Shiori. *gulp* 🙂

Also we have a scene with a love hotel. There are two girls who couldn’t manage to get in. The one in the frond with the cellphone is Furukawa Airi I believe… (but I’m not 100% sure) The one in the back is Hata Sawako. (Yes, I can recognize her from behind… wait! This didn’t sound so good :D)

Shawako seems to be interested in other people making out… Is she a creeper? 😀

Then we have the next scene. Rena cuts her finger. Well if you are in the middle of a love crisis it’s easy to get clumsy…

But it seems that there’s some “virtual” bullying in this class. Churi seems pleased to see that her love rival is having a hard time. I just love how Hiramatsu Kanako got blurred out because of the depth of field effect aka the focus is on Churi. 🙂

Just when Rena starts to think how sour her life is, Jun comes and saves the day by licking Rena’s fingers in order to stop the bleeding. I don’t know how a simple tissue couldn’t make the job done. This is more romantic, I guess… :S

That face… If I was a girl I would fall for that stare so baldly… erm I mean badly, LOL 😀

But the next prey is at our doorstep. 🙂

It’s… 1… 2… 3… got it! It’s Matsumoto Rina alias MatsuRina right? Correct me please if I’m wrong!

Then Jun smiles at her and runs off with her. Such a player… I envy (her) him so much… 🙂

But Rena’s hurt… her heart is broken inside…

She’s all alone again…

Then the events starting to speed up and also to heat up. There’s a wondering scene in the PV… but I’ll tell you about it in a minute…

We are back at the sleazy party which has gone WILD! Girls making out with each other, staring into the nothingness, Mukaida Manatsu eating a strawberry cake-like thingy, etc… (Strawberry is her favorite food by the way)

Then a random wondering Shawako appears… Which reminds me of…

Wondering Kinoshita Yukiko alias Yukko in Dareka no sei ni wa shinai. Damn that PV is so good too! 🙂

Then Churi’s getting laid… With someone else than Jun that is… 🙂

Back on the top of the same building again…

More Shawako wondering…

Then an enigma scene. A girl is shooting with a signal flare gun… WTF?

Well it’s Kimoto Kanon (I think) who wants some attention. We don’t know what happened to her after the kiss, but there’s definitely something wrong with her mental state by now… But so far this PV was full of love and pain so this fact is not a shocker anymore…

Then there’s the most famous “slapping in the rain” scene…

Rena gets slapped by Jun

Then Rena slaps Jun… (Jurina closed her eyes before Rena’s hand hit her face… what a coward. She should’ve taken it like a MAN! 😀 )

Jun was left alone in the rain after Rena left… But someone just came into the picture…

It’s the girlfriend Churi, who slaps him for cheating on her… Ouch!

This scene also reminds me of Dareka no sei ni was shinai. Yes, I like that PV just as much.

There’s also some crazy partying going on in that PV as well. 🙂

Then after a few dance steps the song ends…

…in the same way as Keibetsu Shiteita Aijou. 🙂

Then Rena just runs away…

And that’s the end of that. This song is a love song about one sided love… so it is obvious why this song/PV came to my liking. 😦 Also this is the more adult version of Oogoe Diamond, and also the darker one… I’ll be honest with you. This PV was the final push that made me switch into SKE48. Just as Oogoe Diamond was the final push that made me to start working on a big project of mine… But since this PV came out in January I officially became an SKE48 fan. Since then I found many Singles I am now totally into, like the previously mentioned Dareka no sei ni was shinai. Now this Kataomoi Finally became my next Oogoe Diamond, which means I put the PV or live performance VTR in the repeat mode and just stare at it for hours… (I know I’m a weirdo) and daydreaming… Usually this is how I get inspiration… just staring at things… and let myself to be caught by the flow of feelings…

I don’t know what else I can say about this PV. The song is catchy… Well of course it is, as all you hear in the chorus is “Suki nanda! Kimi ga suki nanda!” sang by cute, young idol girls. 🙂

I know this is just like a single D-PoV entry rather than a full-fledged analysis but hey, I’m no expert or any kind. I don’t even know what genre this music is. Maybe Pop, but I’m not 100% sure… All I know is how to give it a bigger punch by turning up the bass. (I need to by a new sound system so bad. This one’s just not up for the standard anymore I feel…:( )

Anyway this will be all for now. I hope you liked what you just read/saw. I want to apologize for the subs and the karaoke being on the screen caps. This is the only version of this PV that’s resolution is at least tolerable [1280*720]. I just hope you don’t mind.

PS: I wanted to give a credit to the guys at ProjectSUB48 providing the translation and karaoke for this song.

See you next time!


  1. Gud job!!

    I just remembered that someone asked me to do a review of this even before it came out but I completely frikkin forgot about it >.<

    I think you did really well on it. it's very interesting in that my understanding of the PV was different but your makes absolute sense too.

    • Kragorin says:

      Thank you my friend! You should write your analysis too. I want to know your PoV on this matter. But you should know that all this affection I have toward this PV is completely YOUR FAULT! 😀 You dragged me into the Dark Side!

      PS: The only thing I missed from this PV was Yukko… 😦

  2. zen says:

    @Black Gekikara can i see review too ???

  3. […] But the thing I recently realized about her is that this Jurina whom I call my character’s nickname Jun, is actually a boy in a girl’s body. (Now you didn’t see this one coming did ya?!) Well she is a boy. At least she has a boyish character. Did you even think about that Miyazawa Sae is a boy? Well Jurina is one too and she even likes to kiss pretty girls as well. Did you ever think about it why? Maybe she was a boy in her past life, who knows… Now, I won’t start about talking Kataomoi Finally here as that would be too much right now. (*But if you are interested what kind of opinion I have about that PV then click here.) […]

  4. vimoreHD says:

    Oh my goodness! a tremendous article dude. Thanks Nevertheless I am experiencing situation with ur rss . Don’t know why Unable to subscribe to it. Is there anyone getting equivalent rss drawback? Anybody who knows kindly respond. Thnkx

    • Kragorin says:

      Thank you for your comment. I personally don’t know a thing about RSS or whatnot but I stopped updating this blog quite a while ago. Now I don’t even have free time to even consider to continue blogging. Also I less and less interested in the 48G stuff as time goes on, so I apologize to you and any other reader.

      Sumimasen! OTL

  5. Alicia Montalvo says:

    Pudo haber sido más agradable.

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