Happy New Year!

Posted: January 1, 2013 in Various


Hi everyone, Kragorin here! I just wanted to thank everyone who visited my blog and also thank you for the comments some of you left on this blog. Actually this was my first ever blog that received so many hits. I am forever grateful for that!


And I just leave this little teaser picture here, I hope you don’t mind. 🙂

no flower without rain

See you later!


  1. Cheerleader says:

    Absolutely amazing! !Do U know, my thoughts on New Yrs Eve were (not exactly) but quite similar. Except I’d have 2 sub snow 4 rain. You see, I’ve had NY’sEve’s much more exciting than this 1 (which couldn’t hav bin duler) Only event was conect w friend I haven’t seen 4 s quite some time.We seemd 2 hav a misundrstndng that left me quite sad. But frnd let me know all OK so flt beter.We expect 2 meet up in 2013, hopefully spring.Cant wait 2 take beter care of frndshp this time.And yes, of course there will always B disagremts, misundstngs,even serios argumnts. Otherwis fndshp ain’t wrth a damn bec Ur not Bing honest. there’s Ur rain, snow,hail,storms.But NB fndshps worth wrking on& thet wil flower into deep,meaningfl,trusting&somuchmor.So this otherwise boring of NYr’sEvs may hve been valuble leson.4 me dont B 2 sensitve……thngs can always B wkd out when peepl truly care.Thx 4 this op 2 shar my ID w “Teaser pic”

    • Kragorin says:

      Thank you Cheerleader for commenting on my blog. Actually the message on that picture is from AKB’s newest Documentary film which is not out just yet. But that message can also be applied on the story (fan fiction) I’m writing going with the title of “Kindan no Hana” (Forbidden flower). Anyway thank you for sharing your thoughts with us again.

  2. Cheerleader says:

    Hearin that BG was under the weather, this is to send her my wishes 4 a very speedy recovery. Can’t help being concerned by this. BG is the glue that holds evrythng togthr. She is just so intense.Hopefuly she has not caut the flu bug. That is v nasty. I know all her folowers wil B lookin for a message from her as soon as she feels better.

    • Kragorin says:

      Well if you drink too much with colleges and you can’t eat a thing for like days afterwards that can make you feel sick I guess… XD Ok, that was a bad joke. But I wanted to tell you that she’s not having a flu or something. Also she is quite active on her blog so… Anyway 🙂

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