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Saya heart

Alright! Here I am with something unexpected, am I right? I know what you are thinking right now. This came out of nowhere. If I want to be honest you with I never thought about writing an another yuri themed fan fiction. This is totally not my style and I don’t even like them that much. But there’s a saying you know. “If life gives you lemons…” You know the rest.


This fiction was born because of that big fuss at the last concert AKB48 concert (Group Rinji Soukai) I had something inside my heart. (A day after the last concert to be exact.) I was so pissed at the decisions about the cancellation of Yui’s concurred position in NMB48. Just when I finally managed to make myself care about NMB48 and also when I finally settled my feelings towards Yamamoto Sayaka, BAM! They had to ruin everything and sunk the only ship I had in the 48 groups… But if they thought that this decision will break them apart they were wrong. After the concert there has been many instances when these two (Yokoyama Yui, Yamamoto Sayaka) proved the strength of their bond. You can’t sink this ship so easily! It got into underwater? HA! It evolved into a submarine mothaf*cka! Eat that management‼ 😀

Anyway here’s my newest creation. I hope it is not that bad for a one shot. Enjoy this short little story! If you can…

Kragorin proudly presents:

eien na kizuna 1

After the big concert has ended on 28th of April, the girls were a bit relieved that it all went without any major accidents. Their heart however could not rest easily as sudden announcements were made which created a huge emotional storm in the family. Members were called back from their concurrent positions, hearts and dreams were shattered. It is true that the 48 family has seen better days. Way better days to be in fact…

The day after the last day of the concert it was nothing but time for the members. Most of them had jobs to attend to so they could not rest until the night came. Another day just ended at the recording studio where the TV-show called Geinin 2 was shot. Almost all of the members have left the building and only two of them remained in the changing room. They were all dressed up and ready to go but before they went on their separate ways they started to talk.

Saya-nee: I was happy that you were here with us.

Yui: Me too…

Saya-nee: I feel sad that you have to leave us now. Just when we became a real family… I don’t want you to leave.

Sayaka felt a bit depressed about the fact that Yui has to leave the group and return to AKB. She grew a liking towards this very interesting girl. Yui wasn’t happy either. She too started to like the group more and more as days went by. But suddenly all of that has ended.

Yui: It can’t be helped. That is the order.

Saya-nee: It was too short… I wanted to be with you more!

Yui: Sayaka…

Saya-nee suddenly became emotional about the situation. Maybe the shock that came with the announcement, the stress or maybe the fatigue that has drained all of her energy out from her body.

Saya-nee: I don’t want to lose a good friend. I like you a lot…

Yui: I like you too, Sayaka. You became a really good friend to me.

Sayaka’s words have stopped. She started to feel the weight of her own emotions. Her heart started to feel heavier and that made her mouth to stay silent for a while. This raised Yui’s curiosity but neither her could say anything right now. Time passed slowly but after a while one of them finally broke the bubble of silence that has been floating around them for a while.

Saya-nee: What if I wanted to be more…?

Yui: What?

Yui could not hear Sayaka’s voice clearly because the girl was talking with a very soft voice.

Saya-nee: I don’t want you to leave…

This time Yokoyama had no problem understanding the words that came out from her fellow member’s mouth. The uneasiness however remained in her heart as well.

Yui: We can’t do anything about it now. It has been decided. Me too wanted to be with you all a little more. I’m forever grateful that you let me in into your little family.

This was the point when Sayaka’s tears started to flow slowly but gradually increasing in numbers.

Saya-nee:  Why does this have to end like this? Why?

Yui: Sayaka…

Saya-nee: I can’t accept the fact that we have to lose you… that I have to lose you.

The last words were hard to understand for Yui so she started to look a bit confused. She wasn’t sure about what she just heard from Sayaka.

Yui: What did you say?

Sayaka decided not to be afraid of her own feelings anymore so she just spilled out the words she never thought they would be this easy for her to say.

Saya-nee: I… I love you, Yui!

Yui: What?

Yui has got even more confused as the captain of team N confessed to her. It was nothing less than a love confession straight on directed towards Yokoyama’s heart.

Saya-nee: I love you with all of my heart, Yui.

Yui: Sayaka…

Yui could not say anything but repeating Sayaka’s name. At first she couldn’t believe in what she just heard. It was so surreal to her, yet… a strange feeling started to awake inside her heart. Its origin was still unknown to her though.

Saya-nee: I couldn’t help it. You know that how much I respect Takamina for what’ve she done for AKB48 and all the groups, but… Deep in my heart I found a person whom I can respect even more. Whom I can love… You…

Yui is speechless. She just got confessed to from a member she got really close in the past few months. It all happened so fast for her. In one minute she was standing on a big stage in another minute she was told that from this point she’s going to be a member of another group as well. Then a few months passed and she was accepted by all of the members as if she was there with them from the very beginning.

Yui: You love me?

Saya-nee: With all of my heart…

Saya-nee never was more straightforward. She must be because she doesn’t want to be misunderstood in such a delicate matter like this one. Also she really meant what she just said.

Yui: But… since when?

Saya-nee: Since the time I saw you at the rehearsals we did in the theatre. I saw how hard working and serious you are. I was so happy that such a strong person as you got into our little family. I can’t describe the feeling I felt back then…

Yui: But… weren’t you… in love with… um… Maachun already?

Yui started to get embarrassed a little bit because of this whole situation. She has not much experience in love affairs in general because she never had a chance to fall in love with someone nor did anyone confessed her before.

Saya-nee: It’s true that I liked her so much… And I still do, don’t get me wrong! It’s just… different when I’m with her… I realized how much when I met you. You are so strong and you have such an overwhelming character… I simply could not ignore that for long… As much as I like Maachun she does not make my heart jump in a way that your presence does… I don’t know how to describe it…

Yui: Sayaka…

Saya-nee: Maachun is… while acting though around the others, she really is fragile from the inside… I like her so much but when I looked at you I figured out what kind of person I would like to be with more… I want someone whom I can depend on when I need them. Someone, like you…

Yui: Oh Sayaka… I… I don’t know what to say…

Saya-nee: You don’t have to… just… stay with me…

Sayaka never showed this much emotion before in a front of Yui. Her eyes were almost sparking as she was begging, not wanting to be left alone. Yokoyama on the other hand was on the edge of her capabilities of handling the situation. She too was overflown with emotions and most of them were unidentifiable for her.

Yui: That’s not for me to decide…

Saya-nee: Don’t you love me too?

Yui paused a little. She needed to breathe and calm down in order to make her brain to be able to think again. She took two deep breaths and when she felt a little bit calmer she answered.

Yui: Well, actually… I don’t know how I really feel about you… My feelings are swirling inside me… I can’t get a clear picture of them… This sudden announcement shocked me so much… I can’t describe what I’m feeling right now, I’m sorry…

Saya-nee: Yui-chan…

Yui: I too feel something about you… I’m just not sure what it is… I always thought that you and Maachun were… um… you know…

Saya-nee: A couple?

Yui: Ye…yes…

Yui is blushing hard right now. Her cheeks are burning and it feels as if she had a fever or something similar to that.

Saya-nee: Well… we sure look like one, but… Recently I realized that what we had is different from what I really seek in a similar relationship. I guess I’m just like any other woman who… wants to be taken care off. I want to be the woman in a relationship… But Maachun is also a very sensitive girl… a real girl to her bones…

Yui’s knees are started to shake just as her hands. It’s almost like when she was on her first sembatsu election and couldn’t stand straight when she got on stage. But this time it’s a bit different. Everything is.

Yui: And you see me as… a potential partner?

Yui’s words started to get more weight as the time went on. She started to get overwhelmed by her own feelings. Her heart started to beat faster as well. It was something she never felt before. It was familiar yet totally new experience for her.

Saya-nee: Yes, if you accept me…

Yui: Sayaka…

That was it. Yui couldn’t keep her eyes open any longer. She needed a little break from the tension that was building up inside her body. She tried to calm down and find a peace of her mind by diving inside her own heart. But she got something different than what she was searching for. She found a disturbing answer. Something she thought would never happen… She started to feel the force of the bond she has with Sayaka.

“What is this feeling? It feels similar yet somewhat unknown… Why? What does my heart trying to tell me?”

Thankfully Sayaka created a distraction for Yui and that kept the girl from getting deeper inside her own feelings and eventually drowning in them.


Saya-nee: Yui-chan, please! Can I ask you a favor?

Yui: Ye… yes?

Yui opened her eyes for a moment. She looked like a timid kitty that all it wants is to lie down in the corner not bothering anyone.

Saya-nee: Would you stay in my house tonight?

Yui just got shocked again just when she was trying put herself back together. Sayaka kept attacking her friend. It was nothing to be surprised of as she didn’t want to lose such a precious person of hers.

Yui: What? Stay at your house?

Saya-nee: Yes.

Yui: I…

Yui’s heartbeat just skyrocketed when she heard these words from Sayaka. She even lost her words for a moment there as her mind could not comprehend the real meaning behind this offer.

Saya-nee: I want to spend this night with you…

Yui could not say a word but was able to nod once to tell Sayaka that she accepted the invitation.

Saya-nee: Does this mean that you’ll going to stay at my house?

Yui nodded once more as she finally turned her face away. Her tears started to flow and her heart started to feel really heavy. This night may be the very last night she can spend alone with Sayaka. This is the last chance for her to understand the feelings she is feeling right now.

They wasted no time and just left the building in a hurry. They caught a taxi outside and went to Sayaka’s house. They didn’t say a single word in the car. Yui couldn’t even look at Saya-nee who was just as tense as her. Yamamoto was thinking about their future. This will be her last chance to spend this much time with Yokoyama.

It wasn’t even ten minutes and they arrived at their destination. A simple looking house was in a front of them. Nothing fancy from the outside but it gave away a heartwarming feeling. A feeling of a real family.

Sayaka went forward and unlocked the door. Yokoyama followed her. It was no strange place for her as she was here before, spending a night alongside with Ripopo and Maachun. It is an ordinary thing for some members to stay at Yamamoto’s house time to time. Now however something is different. This time it’s only Yui and Sayaka.

Yamamoto Mama was surprised when she saw Yui as she wasn’t expecting guests. She started to get shocked a little bit, and asked her daughter about the others.

Yamamoto Mama: How many more of you will come?

Sayaka answered with her usual tone to calm down her mother.

Saya-nee: None, this time it’s just Yui-chan.


Yamamoto Mama: I see…. Alright then. Go, and take a shower you too! Dinner will be ready soon!

Saya-nee: Yes mom!

Sayaka turned towards Yui and asked her to go first to take a shower while she packs away their stuff. Yui agreed and headed towards the bathroom without hesitation.

When Sayaka finished packing she was wondering if she should go into the bathroom as well. Her thoughts started to become more blurry about this idea when she was standing in a front of the door. She wanted to go in so badly and take a shower with Yuihan but she didn’t want to force herself onto her good friend. Yui is a really shy girl when it comes to showing some skin in front of others. She is not that confident in her own body to begin with.

After a lot of thinking about it Sayaka gave up on the idea of bathing together with Yui. She still doesn’t know if Yuihan loves her or not. Until that is not being confirmed by Yui, Sayaka will hold herself back.

The timing of the cancelation of Yui’s position was the worst for Yamamoto. She wanted to tell her feelings to Yui for a long time now but never gathered enough courage to do that. Now she had no other choice but to tell her straight on because now she has to lose a really close friend. Their schedules will be too tight to find some free time to spend together.

After Yui finished showering Sayaka took her turn as well. Little to no time has passed and they both were in more comfortable clothes in the dining room waiting for food to come. Yamamoto Mama soon served the food and they started to have a dinner together. Just when they finished eating Sayaka’s mother told them that everyone else went out and will spend the time elsewhere so it’s only three of them in the house today. Hearing this Yui instantly started to blush a little. Sayaka was happy to hear that there will be no distractions tonight and couldn’t hide her joy too well. She offered to land a helping hand to her mother in doing the dishes but Yamamoto Mama quickly refused it as she has a guest to take care of and also there were not much to wash anyway.

With that Sayaka took this chance and quickly led Yui into her room. This was the time when her/their fate will be decided. Sayaka had a lot of mixed feelings about the night but so did Yui who felt a bit different from the usual. While she spent many night here before she too felt that this very night is a special one and there will be no more nights like this.

As they were heading upstairs to Sayaka’s room there were different pictures of memories popping up in her head. Every one of them had one thing in common. There was a same person in all of them. It was Sayaka and that strange feeling Yui always felt when she was close to her. It’s the bond they developed over these months. Now it feels as if that bond was always there in their lives. As if their lives only started when Yui was sent to NMB48.

Now here we are. Sayaka invited Yui into her room and in an instant they were in a whole different world. There was no bed in Sayaka’s room. As she herself said she doesn’t want to fall down from it when having an intensive dream. Saya-nee started to prepare the two futons for sleeping and with that she wanted to get more time for Yui to think.

Once finished, Sayaka handed over a pillow to Yui to sit on. Now they were facing each other. It felt as if something mysterious is about to happen even though is wasn’t their first time being together like this. Yui still wasn’t sure about what she was feeling right now. Sayaka however was more than sure about what she wants. She wants to stay by Yui’s side and have a real relationship with her. She already confessed to Yokoyama and now it’s up to Yui to decide if she accepts Sayaka’s feelings or not…

Yui: Um…

Yui tried to speak but her word weren’t coming out from her mouth. After few more seconds she was able to continue but it was still hard for her to talk fast. But Yokoyama’s words were a bit off sentence when she spoke.

Yui: Thank you for letting me in…

Saya-nee: That’s nothing, really… You are always welcome here!

Saya-nee’s smile showed nothing but pure kindness and love. On Yui’s face however there was anything but joy right now. She’s searching for the answer to give it to Sayaka. But maybe that answer has been already found…

Yui: That wasn’t what I meant…

Saya-nee: Hm? Then what did you mean?

Yui: I am grateful that you let me into your family… Into NMB48…

Saya-nee: Oh… You’re welcome…

The conversation started to slow down even more after these few words. Thankfully Yui took a little bit of courage and pushed herself to finally answer Saya-nee’s confession.

Yui: I’m grateful for the time we could spend together. I found so many friends here. I didn’t think I could make so many friends in such a short time in the past. It really is a miracle if I think about it…

Yui tried to buy some time in order to let her own feelings to surface. So far it looks like it is working. Finally her feeling started to get a shape that can be now analyzed by Yokoyama.

Yui: I never had a friend like you… At least I don’t remember anyone whom I was so close with… It is almost like…

Saya-nee: Like what?

Yui: Like something else than friendship…

Saya-nee: Yui…

Yui started to blush heavily because it seems that she have found the answer she was looking for. Saya-nee was a bit tense because she wasn’t sure what Yui was trying to say.

Yui: I… I… I think…

Yui hesitated. It is not an everyday event for her to confess her feelings towards someone after all. This hesitation made Sayaka a little more tense. She knew that this will be the moment that will decide her fate.

Yui: I think… I like you too… I like you more than a friend…

Saya-nee: Yuihan…

Yui: I think I… Love you Sayaka…

She finally said it. It was hard for like nothing before. That 233m bungee jump in Macau was nothing compared to this. Yui’s feelings started to flow just like her tears after she said those hard words. But not even the always cool and funny Saya-nee could stay calm, no sir. Her tears started to flow just as heavily as Yui’s if not even more.

Saya-nee: Oh Yui… you do?

Yui: Yes… I love you too Sayaka…

This was the point when the two girls couldn’t stand the distance between them and crawled closed to each other. When they finally met it was the moment when their feelings overwhelmed them. A big hug was happening which was strong and it represented their bond.

Saya-nee: I want to be with you forever…

Sayaka’s whisper was like and angels calling into Heaven for Yui who too felt that same thing as her… loved one. There were no more words coming out from either of the girls’ mouth. It was nothing else but pure feelings towards each other. Their love was so strong it shook apart the space-time continuum around them. Time has stopped moving forward and just stayed in place.

After that it was nothing but blurred images of this night. Sayaka was pulling the futons closer. They were right next to each other so it looked rather like a one big futon than a two little one. This night they will share the “bed” and their dreams will join together for an eternity.

When Yui finally realized what just have happened it was already too late. The captain of Team N was peacefully sleeping beside her. Yokoyama could feel the breath of the girl on her cheeks. She almost could hear Sayaka’s heartbeat as it was that quiet inside this room. Like if they were in a whole different dimension where the disturbances of reality couldn’t reach them.

As Yokoyama was staring at the sleeping Yamamoto next to her she started to have a feeling of being part of something. She felt as if she just found a place of belonging… Home… Yui knew this place will be always hers even when she cannot be here physically. Her place is now beside Sayaka.

The morning came fast. The time had enough of not being part of these two girls’ life and to make up for last night it was speeding forward like a crazed cow on a highway. When Yui woke up Sayaka was nowhere to be found. The futon beside Yokoyama was empty just like Yui head after this night.

After a few long minutes Yui managed to get out from the room. She went into the bathroom and when she got there she heard noises from it. Sayaka was inside taking a shower and getting ready for this day.

The day started slowly. After the breakfast the girls went back to Sayaka’s room to get ready for the departure. Their heart was uneasy about the situation. They both knew that there’s no running away from this. They simply couldn’t run away from the reality. They must face it with bravery.

Yui was already outside when she realized what just really happened. The dream has ended and now the young princess has to wake up. As they were walking beside each other towards the bus stop neither of them said anything. Just when they arrived that the station Sayaka was looking at Yui as if she wanted to say something. Before she could say anything however the bus arrived and the passengers were getting inside the vehicle one by one. Yui was the last to go up but before she did that she turned around once more toward Sayaka.

Yui: I will definitely come back.

Sayaka: Yui!

But before Saya-nee could say anything more Yui went inside and the door closed. Saya-nee felt as if her heart was just torn out from her chest. The pain was strong and almost unbearable for her but there was hope shining inside. Yui’s last words were burned deep inside her mind.

“I will definitely come back.”

These words are the only things keeping the hope alive in Saya-nee’s heart. The promise that Yui made. A girl, who is known for keeping her promises no matter what happens.


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