It has been a long time since I wrote about something. This however will be different as today’s theme is about my not-so-secret last oshimen of SKE48 from the times, when I finally decided who will be the top 3 for me in that group.

!WARNING! This post is massively loaded with images! Proceed with caution!

There was Hata Sawako with her weird but cute character. She was weird, I am weird and everything was alright like that. She graduated as my No.1 Oshimen.

Then there was a cute but somehow also cool girl, who was the second prettiest in the whole SKE48 for me at that time. Yagami Kumi was a cute little rabbit, whom many of us loved, including me. She graduated as my Nioshi.

And finally here comes the girl whom I called my Secret Oshimen because I couldn’t throw away my pride. As some people know I don’t like mixed girls in a meaning of being half European (white) and half Japanese. I had bad experience with those in the past but… But there came a girl who just turned everything upside-down in my head. She’s called Kinoshita (Andrea) Yukiko alias Yukko.

It’s a bit embarrassing that at first I did not see her being mixed. One reason could be that she strongly resembled Horikita Maki (my favorite actress) with her short hair and lively expression.

I know my perception skills sometimes don’t work. In this case it was a good thing, which saved Yukko from getting negative image in my eyes at the beginning.  My last post about her revealed that how shocked I was when I learned that she is half Spanish and half Japanese. It suddenly made sense why she was totally the type I would fall for in an instant if she was my classmate or something similar.

But it was a little too late for making wrong assumptions about her based on her looks and whatnot. I was already charmed by her at that point so it didn’t matter to me that much.

There was one thing however that made me to hold my feelings back. My pride was strong and it could not let me fall for a girl who…

Alright, I talked too much about myself. Cut it out already, Kragorin! We know you had/have issues with the girls in your country! You don’t have to bring it up all the time!

Yukko was/is different. If she was a classmate of mine when I was in high school I would never be able to talk to her, not even look into her eyes. The reason behind it is simple. She looks Perfect and hard to approach.

There’s a reason why all the SKE48 and other group members speak so highly about her all the time. Like even my AKB48 NiOshi Iwata Karen made a comment on Yukko’s Google+ account that she is so beautiful. I know Karen is a bit weak when it comes to beauty and she gets charmed easily but you have to know that she prefers girls who are girlish and also have a cool/strong aura around them. (Okada Nana)

I hear it from different places how members look up to Yukko. I can’t even count all the voices who praise our princess. Her kouhais look up to her because she became a mother-like figure to them. Even her sempais look up to her because of how hardworking girl she is, also how good her dancing skills are, how brightly she shines, when on stage…

(Now I’m going to make a statement which no doubt will cause a huge eruption of feelings. If you know me than you know how bluntly honest I am so it shouldn’t hit you that hard.)

Kinoshita Yukiko for SKE48 is much like how Maeda Atsuko was for AKB48‼

There’s a difference though. Acchan was given the spotlight to shine brightly. Yukko however never was a constant member of the SKE48 sembatsu. I even gather the courage to say than Yukko is better than Acchan was… Yukko deserved so much more than what she was given but she never complained. Not a single time.

I wish she was in the Kataomoi Finally sembatsu… That song really needed her…


I loved her in Pareo wa Emerald

…and also in Dareka no sei ni wa shinai

Thankfully someone took notice and made the best decision in SKE48 history!

They put her in Utsukushii Inazuma! That song fits her perfectly. It’s sexy, it’s beautiful, it’s cool, it’s emotional, it’s… Yukko

Haven’t watched any SKE48 PV after that, since I wasn’t interested in the single songs… there were no Yukko in them…

Yes, you read it right. I fell for this girl so hard… I might like her more than I like my KamiOshi from AKB48, Yokoyama Yui. Why? Well, I don’t look at Yui-sama as if she was a potential girlfriend material for me. She is more like a leader whom I want to follow but not get romantically involved with. There’s no other reason for that than our personalities/characters doesn’t match.

Yukko however… She’s like a shadow from my past… and a star in my future…


I say it clearly here and now: Yukko is the Best of both worlds! The one and only I’ve ever known…

And I’m crying… T_T

I wish I could love her more in the past but… There was always someone or something else in the way… Either a member or my pride… there was always something that stood between me and her…

Now she has graduated as my No.1 Oshimen from SKE48! No one will ever be able to get this title from her!

As I, Kragorin… (as some of you might know) announced my Graduation from the 48G fandom in April… but I came back (sort of…) because of Yukko announced hers… That was the time I had to show my honest side and also to put away my pride once and for all.

I really want to meet her at least once in this life… to tell her everything she gave me… and how grateful I am. Even though she doesn’t know that I even exist… none in the 48G family does…

I just write one last message here for Yukko:


Ijou, Kragorin deshita!

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